India Ahead is a national media-tech platform established in 2018 by the Andhra Prabha group. It has since been revived and renewed under a new corporate and editorial management, led by seasoned media entrepreneur Mootha Gautam and the widely-known and experienced TV journalist Bhupendra Chaubey, editor-in-chief and CEO.

Since 2020 under this new leadership, India Aheadhas made its mark by redefining news in the crowded market with its focus on becoming the alternative to the Delhi and Mumbai centric news cycle that is dominant. It has found instant success and recognition by becoming the voice of states and particularly of the southern states, which traditional media under-represents. The focus on states and the south has been and will continue to be in India Ahead’s present and future.India Aheadhas also redefined the choice and presentation of news on its TV and digital properties, without agenda or aggression, whether in news or prime time debates.

As a media entity, India Aheadtakes great pride in being not just women-centric, but women-led. It has the most number of women in senior positions editorially and encourages not just programming about women but also presentation. Most of its day and prime time shows are done by well-known and established women journalists.

Digital is the key focus area for India Aheadbeyond being a parking lot of content. It strives to be a truly digital-led media entity where production of content is channelled via digital to TV rather than the traditional way, making it technology-ready and future-proof. The digital offering is in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil and soon Telugu. The expansion plans include Bengali, Assamese, Marathi and Gujarati. This is in keeping with the core editorial and management philosophy of being the voice of the country by bringing to the national stage news from the states as well as moving away from the traditional Delhi-Mumbai centric news model.

In the next steps, India Ahead is in the process of creating a global platform for content, business, interactivity and connectivity between the diaspora and the mainland. This platform, under the India Ahead brand, will be the point of fulfilment for those Indians who are living outside the country but want to have a deep and meaningful connection with their cultural, linguistic and information needs.

India Ahead is based in Noida and has a fully-fledged operation spread over two floors as well as a broadcast facility based in Hyderabad. There are bureau offices and staff spread across the country. The operations are run by more than 200 staffers and is backed by a robust technology backend.