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2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Ride Review: Supreme Sophistication!

Here are the 3 crucial changes that Suzuki has made in the 2021 Hayabusa.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa (Photo Credit: File)

New Delhi: Suzuki Hayabusa was the first Superbike we Indians together fell in love with, the fastest motorcycle in the world when first launched in 1999. A machine so unique that can satisfy both your needs to race and tour flawlessly. However, now the Legendary 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa is here.

It was a perfect machine, what could have they done to better it? Well, I guess the only choice available was to evolve with time and now we want our machines to have all the possible tech in the world, It might not be the fastest anymore but it sure is more purposeful, safer and confident. 

I know we all know Hayabusa’s well enough, we’ve ridden them, seen them, If not then at least have admired them for sure! 

So, I am going to go straight to the 3 crucial changes that Suzuki has made in the 2021 Hayabusa and then come back to the other aspects of the motorcycle.

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First, the handlebars are closer to you, makes you feel more in sync with the motorcycle and comfortable, for this is a hyper tourer! 

Second, The brakes have been upgraded to Brembo Stylema because earlier it was tough to get this long, powerful and fast bike to stop at once, without accidentally landing in a stopy. 

Now it’s the first Suzuki motorcycle to get engine braking control. Also, the front tyre and rear tyre are linked, if you engage the front, the rear also brakes and brings the bike to a stop quicker. With brakes the tyres have also been worked on, the Bridgestone pair gives you the much-required grip and confidence 

Third, the heating issue has been controlled to a certain extent, with better acceleration in the mid-range the bike rides smoothly even at lower speeds in congested areas.

Now what the world can’t stop talking about is, that it is slower than the first and second generation Hayabusa, I mean seriously? I want to see these guys do even 250+.

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To satisfy the new emission norms the Suzuki has reduced the power and torque a bit, it has lost 10bhp, it might not be able to match the Top end, but it is as powerful and definitely stronger in the mid-range than before. 

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And especially when the bike is so marvellous and gives you what you want every time then who really cares about the spec sheets? 

Moving on to the major attraction of the latest Hayabusa, the electronic package called Suzuki intelligent ride system (SIRS) which offers 6 riding modes, 10 levels of lean-sensitive control, 10 levels of wheelie control, traction and launch control. It even gets an Active speed limiter, a much-needed option for our young blood! 

The best thing about Hayabusa’s are its engine, smooth and strong power is available at all times, torque is deep and endless, throttle response is spot on! The riding experience is so beautiful that every ride feels like emotion and is memorable. 

The size and shape of the engine are the same, 1340cc inline 4 cylinders,  but it has been massively reworked- lighter pistons, connecting rods, new valves, new injection system, new intake system, you name it, and it has been optimised. 

Additional features like Hill hold control and Cruise control only makes its argument stronger! And that much is easier to ride! The Hayabusa might look voluptuous but it’s welcoming even to the new riders. It feels lighter and tighter, Because this bike is so inviting it’s natural to get carried away, hence my advice is to be responsible and mindful of your surroundings on the road! 

The Busa might look voluptuous, but it is welcoming even to the new riders. It feels lighter and tighter. Because this bike is so inviting it’s natural to get carried away, hence my advice is to be responsible and mindful of your surroundings on the road!

Few shortcomings of the bike, it’s lower than before, you might feel cramped up on long rides.

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It drinks more fuel and fuel tank capacity is 1 litre lesser and the handlebar comes in the way of the tank on u-turns. Other than that, it’s a confident machine no matter what the conditions are and to top that, it is a guaranteed head-turner on the street.

Without ignoring the looks of this magnificent beast which looks super-premium, it glows in the sun, the screen glistens and with all the electronic set-up, you can play with the digital analog as much as you want, the finish is just perfect! 

The bike looks so elegant and simple that I just have 2 words for it, Ultimate Sophistication. 

The most important reason for a rider to fall in love with its machine is the riding experience and this one is absolute bliss.  

If you can ignore the logistical issues like its size and weight, parking etc and you can afford it at INR 16,40,000 ex-showroom then as an everyday ride as well as a hyper tourer the bike proves its worth.  

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