COVID-19 Update: France comes forward to provide medical assistance to India

April 27, 2021 | Updated 8:46 am

COVID-19 Update: France comes forward to provide medical assistance to India File Photo of French President Macron with PM Modi in India (Source: PTI)

New Delhi/Paris: France has come forward and announced that the country will provide India with substantial medical assistance in the coming days. The European country said the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is fully mobilised to carry out an exceptional solidarity mission in support of the Indian people, who have been severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. This will include eight high-capacity oxygen generators, liquid oxygen for 2000 patients for five days, as well as 28 ventilators and equipment for ICUs.

“In the next few days, France will deliver to India not only immediate relief but also long-term capacities:- 8 high capacity oxygen generators, each providing yearlong O2 for 250 beds – Liquid O2 for 2000 patients for 5 days – 28 ventilators and equipment for ICUs,” French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain tweeted.

The French ambassador in another tweet added, “This massive solidarity mission, initiated at Prez Emmanuel Macron‘s request, is supported by French companies present in India and the EU. It aims to both respond to the emergency and boost the long-term resilience of India’s healthcare system.”

As per the official statement, the solidarity mission, coordinated by the Ministry’s Crisis and Support Centre and carried out by the Embassy of France in India, will involve shipping by air and sea freight by the end of this week. Eight medical oxygen generators, manufactured by a French SME, each of which can make an Indian hospital autonomous in oxygen supply for approximately 10 years. These oxygen production units are durable installations that can produce medical oxygen from ambient air yearlong. Each unit can uninterruptedly supply a 250-bed hospital. Its oxygen output can fulfill the needs of 15 critically ill COVID patients in an ICU (or 30 patients in the ICU of a conventional hospital) or 150 patients on oxygen therapy in a conventional hospital facility. These oxygen generators also include ramps for filling oxygen cylinders. Other include, containers of liquid medical oxygen – 5 being sent in the first installment – each capable of supplying medical oxygen to up to 10,000 patients per day.

France will also send specialized medical equipment, notably including 28 ventilators and their consumables, as well as 200 electric syringe pumps.

The announcement comes after French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his solidarity to support India in its fight against COVID-19.

The worsening COVID-19 situation in India has seen a surge in the demand for medical oxygen and beds for the COVID-19 patients and many states are reporting an acute shortage of essential medical supplies. Availability of oxygen is a key element in the treatment of certain medical conditions in the COVID infection. Besides France, several other countries including the United Kingdom and the US have also announced plans to support India.