Best Malayalam Movies Of 2021 You Can Stream Now!

Take a look at 5 of these Malayalam wonders that are available on OTT for you to stream now and experience the world of Malayalam cinema.

2021 saw some incredible movies that made the world look at Malayalam with tremendous awe. Banking not just on a star studded cast but on content. The regional cinema was widely applauded by the audiences. Having said that, take a look at 5 of these Malayalam wonders that are available on OTT for you to stream now and experience the world of Malayalam cinema.


Kurup puts the stamp on its leading man and producer Dulquer Salmaan’s grand entry to superstardom. The story revolves around Sukumara Kurup-one of India’s most wanted fugitives who faked his own death by taking the life of a lookalike for life insurance. With countless disguises, escapes and shenanigans, Kurup delves into the messy world of the wanted criminal mastermind and offers enough to make it a compelling watch. 

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Minnal Murali

Minnal Murali is Malayalam Cinema’s foray into the Superhero genre. The titular character played by Tovino Thomas is so much into the character that after an hour or so you start believing in him as a superhero.

This movie was tailor-made for a big-screen experience. There’s everything you can expect from a superhero origin story, be it the action sequences, the thrill of the visual spectacle. The film’s tone is perfectly balanced between funny and serious.

While the VFX is not the strongest aspect of this gem, its character investment and development are first-rate. Truly an Astonishing Achievement for Mollywood but more than that, it’s a new beginning for Indian Cinema in the Superhero Genre.

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Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea

Marakkar is a film packed with intense action scenes, decent performances and a thin storyline to wrap around itself. This Mohanlal-starrer is a visual spectacle mounted on a grand scale. If you’re a fan of historic action dramas, this triple National Award winner is the one to watch.

The Great Indian Kitchen 

This film is one of the best movies that came in the year 2021. The Great Indian Kitchen is absolutely raw and real. This movie hits you hard and makes you think deeply. It uses a great amount of silence with a lot of scenes having no dialogues at all in which the female lead is doing mundane stuff like household chores. The casual sexism, the patriarchy, the misogyny is shown boldly in this one and will remind you that you don’t need over-the-top, flashy “item” songs or even a huge star cast to make a good film. Watch this one for one of Nimisha Sajayan’s finest performances yet.

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Joji is a Malayalam language adaptation of Shakespeare’s novel, Macbeth. And just like any other typical Fahadh Faasil’s movie, Joji is no exception, it’s a Fahadh show all the way as he shoulders the burden and weight of the entire film on his superhuman shoulders. We are used to watching movies from the hero’s point of view, but this film is about the villains, their thought process, and their state of mind. Watch this one if you’re a fan of dark-cinema.

Drishyam 2 

Well, people who had watched the 1st part would’ve thought there could not be much that could be done in the 2nd part of the film, even the greatest directors would think that way but this director seems to have broken that norm. If you’re a serious thriller movie fan, this movie will simply blow your mind as it brings very different fresh perspectives that nobody could ever imagine.

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