Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: Ranveer Singh’s Witty, Fun One-Time Watch With A Social Message

With ample amount of humor, a modest run-time and the powerhouse of talent Ranveer Singh, this one can easily be on your watch list this weekend.

RANVEER Singh’s latest screen outing proves his versatility yet again. Joining the myriad list of releases like Band Baaja Baraat, Lootera and Padmaavat is his latest release Jayeshbhai Jordaar. Directed by debutant director Divyang Thakkar, YRF50’s special outing is a family entertainer based on a social issue that released in the theaters on Friday the 13th.

With ample amount of humor, a modest run-time and the powerhouse of talent Ranveer Singh, this one can easily be on your watch list this weekend.

The movie begins with Ranveer Singh, playing the titular character of Jayesh and his wife Mudra, played by debutant Shalini Pandey expecting a child. Jayesh being the son of the village’s sarpanch, nods along with everything his father has to say.

From banning scented soaps that apparently cause alcoholic men to misbehave with girls, to aborting 6 of his wife’s pregnancies in hopes of a son, Jayesh constantly battles between his own thoughts and what is expected of him.

After his wife Mudra is told that this might be her last chance of having a child, Jayesh is told by the doctor in secrecy that the couple’s expecting another girl.

Determined to keep his unborn daughter alive, Jayesh sets out on a path to save his wife from his parents, highlighting the issue of misogyny and female foeticide with a dash of comedy.

Director Divyang Thakkar keeps the movie short at a runtime of 2 hours and 6 minutes. There are no unnecessary songs or dances breaking out of nowhere, with just one theme song and another towards the end of the film. His characters are believable and their dialogues will resonate with the real-life speeches you must have heard of around you. 

The humor is authentic and nowhere in the film will you see anyone saying long and heavy monologues. And that’s the USP of the film. It is kept real and to the point.

The movie however, has nothing new to offer and gets too predictable towards the second-half, with the cast of the film and the writer’s humor coming to the rescue. The storyline is weak with no surprise elements popping up to keep you hooked.

Coming to the man of the hour, Ranveer Singh. Well, don’t let his fashion choices fool you or blur your vision. Ranveer is in full-form yet again and wows you with the emotional depths of his character and his comic timing. He’s effortless, convincing and nails his part with his Gujrati accent.

Shalini Pandey as Mudra is decent and gets her moments to shine. 

Boman Irani aces his act as the Sarpanch of the village. Whether it is the emotional bits or the intense drama sequences, the veteran is surely an asset to the movie.

Ratna Pathak Shah and Puneet Issar also deliver decent performances, but haven’t been given much to do except for a few scenes here and there.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar makes for a fun, light-hearted one-time watch. For fans of Ranveer Singh, you will surely not be disappointed as he is once again the star of the show and undoubtedly, the best part of this film.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar is now streaming in theaters near you.

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