Jersey Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor Scores A Big Win With This Emotional Rollercoaster

Jersey belongs to Shahid Kapoor, who proves his mettle yet again and shows why only he could have done justice to this emotional rollercoaster.

SHAHID Kapoor hits it out of the park literally and figuratively with his latest outing on the big screen, Jersey. After Kabir Singh, his character here is a sharp deviation, which speaks of his ease of portraying a wide range of diverse characters on screen. A remake of the 2019-National Award-winning Telugu film by the same name, Jersey released in theaters after being postponed twice.

The movie chronicles the journey of a cricketer, Arjun Talwar, the man who was hailed as the best there ever was in the history of Punjab cricket. Cut two, after being disheartened by not making it to the national team, Arjun quits the game. 10 years down the lane, he picks up the bat yet again to fulfill his son’s wish of getting an Indian cricket team jersey.

But why did Arjun quit the game in the first place? Will he succeed in making a comeback after all these years? Jersey answers these questions through a journey full of emotions with a runtime of nearly 3 hours.

Gowtam Tinnanuri’s direction is sheer emotion that penetrates right into your hearts. The scene with Shahid going to the railway station after a momentous occasion to scream his lungs out gives you goosebumps.

The national award winning director highlights the complexities and dynamics of relationships, between a husband and wife, father and son, coach and player and amongst a group of friends. But in the end, it teaches you that life is all about second chances.

This cricket drama at its heart, is a beautiful story of a father-son’s bond filled with hope and tragedy.

There is also a flip side to Gowtam’s film; the duration and pace of the first half of the film. At a runtime of 2 hours 45 minutes, the movie loses its grip in the first half with the build up around Why Arjun left cricket not being strong enough. But the plot regains its momentum shortly in the second half of the film, showing the rise and rise of our beloved protagonist.

Shahid Kapoor proves his mettle yet again and shows why only he could have done justice to this emotional rollercoaster. From playing the rowdy and feisty Kabir Singh to the calmer and restrained Arjun Talwar, Shahid pulls all his characters with utmost ease. Shahid carries the entire film on his shoulders. He is relatable, impactful and shows complete control over the range of emotions he displays throughout the film.

Mrunal Thakur delivers a decent performance, but there isn’t much for her to do in the film. Neither is her character arc strongly built.

Ronit Kamra as Shahid and Mrunal’s onscreen son is the same kid from the original, and is as good in the Hindi remake.

Pankaj Kapur as always, is a treat to watch on screen. The scenes between him and Shahid exude ease and comfort as the duo share lighthearted moments to deep and emotional conversations as well.

Jersey belongs to Shahid Kapoor. The movie hits it out of the park with its depth of emotions and performances to celebrate the triumph of undeterred human spirit against all odds.

Hindi speaking audiences surely won’t be disappointed by this Nani remake.

Jersey is now running in theaters.

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