Samrat Prithviraj Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s Big Budget Period Drama Lacks Soul

Samrat Prithviraj, had the potential to be great but ends up being an average period drama which has nothing new to offer.

Akshay Kumar is back in the theaters with his mega-budget period action drama, Samrat Prithviraj. Directed by Padma Shri awardee Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, expectations were quite high. With a redundant story of romance mixed with war and action, not-so-impressive tracks and a rushed screenplay, Samrat Prithviraj doesn’t give you much to celebrate the glory of the last Hindu emperor.


The movie chronicles the life of the great Hindu emperor, Prithviraj Chauhan, who fought with his all his gut and glory with the Muhammad of Ghori. The story narrates the wars of Tarain and how the titular character lost the battle, but made a mark in history.

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Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, the director of the Doordarshan’s Chanakya, worked on the film for more than 18 years. But it doesn’t translate well on the screen. The director tries to set up the film well, but with a loosely written narrative, the director fails to give you enough drama to keep you hooked.


The screenplay seems rushed and doesn’t establish the plot or the characters well. It fails to glorify or highlight the valor of a fearless emperor and doesn’t make for an engaging plot. The film does get interesting towards the climax of the film, but by then you would have already lost interest.


Akshay Kumar portraying a medieval era king isn’t something you would have pegged him to do. But here he is, playing a character who isn’t nuanced. Akshay’s Prithviraj isn’t like the one in the books, he is modest and hasn’t been given any larger than life heroics where he could have excelled.

Manushi Chhillar delivers an impressive act as Sanyogita in her debut. The former Miss World looks stunning and aces the Johar scene.

Sanjay Dutt unfortunately, is underutilized. And the scenes where you do see him would make you wish he had more to do.

Sonu Sood is decent, but hasn’t been given a strong character arc.

Manoj Vij as the antagonist completely misses the mark with a poorly written character. His character is neither well-established nor well written and thus fails to leave any impression or gives you the chills like Ranveer Singh’s Khilji.


The music fails to stand out. The romantic tracks in the film seem to have come out of nowhere and only add to the length of the film.


Samrat Prithviraj, had the potential to be great but ends up being an average period drama which has nothing new to offer. Even with a stellar cast, budget and director, the movie fails to live up to the glorified history of the brave king and falls flat. 

Samrat Prithviraj is now streaming in theaters near you.

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