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‘Fastest Fingers First’: Youngsters Speak Of Their Quest To Get Vaccinated

(L-R) Abhikendu Deb Roy, Moumita Majumdar and Pranshu Jaryal get the first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

From refreshing the Co-Win portal multiple times to signing up for alerts on a different platform, the 28-year-old Gurgaon resident Moumita Majumdar did everything she could for a slot to get vaccinated. 

Majumdar, a publicist, was a part of a vast pool of people, who were waiting with bated breath for vaccinations to open up for the 18+ age group. When it finally did on May 1, they did their best to get the vaccine as soon as possible. The process of getting the vaccine wasn’t smooth for all, but they are bound by a sense of relief at finally getting the first dose and the flickering hope of returning to “normal” life.

“It was super difficult. It is a game of fastest fingers first. A Telegram link really saved me,” said Majumdar. 

It was super difficult. It is a game of fastest fingers first. A Telegram link really saved me.

Majumdar got hold of a link when it was posted by a social media influencer, and decided to download Telegram just to give it a shot. Majumdar explained that the moment a person subscribes to the link, it will give out live updates about the available slots in the chosen city.  She got the slot “within a fraction of a second” after subscribing to the link.

Akanksha Sharma, a Delhi based journalist, had to try for a week before finally getting a slot. When she finally reached Mukherjee Nagar on 5 May to get the vaccine, she saw 50 – 60 people who were divided into five queues.  

“To my surprise, everyone was following social distancing and were wearing masks properly” Sharma said.

But Sakshi, another 23-year-old recipient of the vaccine, had a different experience. “To be honest, I was literally scared seeing the crowd at the vaccination centre,” she said. 

Long queues and large tents filled with people were also a common sight as per footage of vaccination centres in Delhi.

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Before getting the vaccine, these young people were asked some basic questions about their health like whether they had any allergies, if they were under any medication, and whether they had Covid before.       

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Most of them did feel some after-effects of the vaccine. 

Pranshu Jareya, a 25-year-old from Jalandhar, Punjab, said that he had a pain in his left arm where he got the vaccine. After some time, Jareyal said that he started feeling dizzy. The doctor asked him to drink plenty of water and keep himself hydrated. 

Others reported having mild fever and body aches. 

Despite these aches and pains, these youngsters are in good spirits. 

“After I am fully vaccinated, I will go home, visit my mom and give her a tight hug,” said Majumdar.

WATCH: Youngsters Speak Of Their Quest To Get Vaccinated



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