20 Lakh Jobs Of Which 8 Lakh For Women, Vows Congress In Youth Manifesto

Employment, education, and healthcare were the main focal points of the Congress party's youth manifesto.

Congress leaders Priyanka Gandhi with Rahul Gandhi while unveiling its Youth manifesto-‘ Bharti Vidhan’. (Courtesy: Rahul Gandhi/Twitter)

New Delhi: The Congress party on Friday released its Youth Manifesto for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022, calling it ‘Bharti Vidhan’. The party in its election manifesto kept a strong focus on providing employment to the youth of Uttar Pardesh and promised to create 20 lakh jobs of which 8 Lakh jobs have been guaranteed for women in the state. The party added that it resolves to solve the massive backlog of jobs in the public sector units.

“The congress party resolves to fill the massive backlog of jobs in the public sector including healthcare, education and police. 20 lakh jobs shall be guaranteed of which 8 lakhs shall be for women,” the manifesto read.

Priyanka Gandhi while unveiling the youth manifesto added that if Congress comes to power in the state, it will go ahead and create a job calendar that will contain all details about various exams and interview schedules, for the youth. “The biggest problem in Uttar Pradesh is recruitment, the youth of the state is disappointed. Congress party has given a vision on how this problem can be solved,” she said.

The party added that expenditure on education will be increased substantially from 13 percent budgeted for 2021-22. Congress added that it will provide free Wi-Fi in all of Uttar Pradesh’s universities and increase the number of training institutes from 3,302 to 5,000.

Jobs in Uttar Pradesh

  • The 1.5 lakh vacant teachers’ posts in the primary education sector shall be filled.
  • The 38,000 vacant teachers’ posts in the secondary education sector shall be filled.
  • The 8,000 vacant teachers’ posts in higher education and colleges shall be filled.
  • A mass recruitment drive to fill 2,500 vacant posts in the Higher Education Department, the 400 posts in the Secondary Education Department, 9,000 posts in the Basic Education Department, 5,800 posts in the Technical Education Department and the 7,400 vacant posts in the Vocational Education Department.
  • The 6,000 vacant government doctors’ posts shall be filled. They include 600 posts in district hospitals, 800 posts in Primary Health Centres (PHC) and 2,000 specialist doctor posts (paediatricians, OBGYNs and surgeons) in Community Health Centres (CHC).
  • The 1,900 vacant paramedical staff positions in district hospitals, the 1,500 vacant nurses’ positions in government hospitals and the shortfall of 29,100 Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, Health Worker and Health Assistant positions in PHCs and Sub-Health Centres shall be filled.
  • The 1.15 lakh vacant posts in the Uttar Pradesh Police shall be filled. These include 19,900 Sub Inspectors, 38,300 Head Constables and 51,400 Constables.
  • Outsourcing will be stopped, and contract (samvida) employment will be rationalised. Contract employees will be regularised in a phased manner

The manifesto talked about encouraging entrepreneurs and ‘Udyog Sahayaks‘ who will help clusters, young businessmen with government-run schemes to provide loans and subsidies as well as services such as digital payments and tax compliance in return for a token fee.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with Rahul Gandhi speaking at the launch of Youth Manifesto of UPCC, at AICC in New Delhi.

The Congress party government will provide training and equipment for up to one lakh Udyog Sahayaks. These Udyog Sahayaks will be deployed in large numbers to the industrial clusters.

The party also added that the ‘One Product One District’ policy will be relaxed in order to provide support to different clusters within the same district.

  • A new scheme will be launched to provide collateral-free credit of up to ₹5 lakh for entrepreneurs below the age of 30.
  • The collateral-free loans promised to micro and small enterprises by the current government under the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises and the Mukhya Mantri Swarojgar Yojana shall be properly implemented.
  • A ‘Seed Start-up Fund’ of ₹5,000 crore shall be instituted for the promotion and encouragement of Start-ups. Priority will be given to entrepreneurs below the age of 30 years.
  • A state-run ‘Youth Mart’ shall be set up in every district. These will plan, promote, facilitate, organise, and assist in the establishment and development of handloom, local crafts, pottery, wool work, carpentry, dollmaking and speciality agricultural products from each district.
  • The ‘Youth Mart’ shop will procure directly from self-help groups, civil society organisations and local co-operative societies at a fair and remunerative rate in bulk, and assist in the packaging, marketing and sale of these products to national and international vendors.

The party promised it will create a network of franchise-operated fair-price shops that will be built across Uttar Pradesh. These will be staffed by women, marginalised and special needs groups such as persons with disabilities, survivors of crime and severe illness etc. These shops will generate jobs, promote entrepreneurship, and give market access to products by artisans, self-help groups, and small businesses like food processing units. 50 per cent of these will be reserved for youth under age 30.

No Fee For Competitive Exams

The party in its youth manifesto claimed that if it comes to power, it will not collect exam fees for conducting competitive examinations and also will work to stop paper leaking.

  • No examination fees will be charged for any state government competitive exams.
  • All young people will be provided with free bus and rail travel for competitive exams across the state.
  • A job calendar will be prepared for every recruitment that includes exam dates, the date of the interview, date of result and the date of the appointment. The appointment date will be no later than six months after the date of notification. Criteria laid out in this calendar (e.g., cut-off marks, eligibility etc.) will remain unchanged after the publishing of the notification.
  • A Special Recruitment Commission will be set up to ensure adherence to the exam calendar and resolve any disputes that arise during recruitment. This will end the interference of cheating mafias and of corruption in the recruitment process that has led to scams, paper leaks and intentional delays.
  • A ‘Social Justice Observer’ shall be designated for each recruitment process in order to ensure the strict implementation of OBC, SC, ST and EWS reservations. Violations of reservations, as in case of 69,000 teacher recruitments, shall not be tolerated.
Socially Backward Classes
  • Seed capital of ₹5 lakh shall be provided to Dalit, OBC, ST and EWS beneficiaries to set up retail shops. This will both empower and generate jobs for these communities. 50% of these funds will be reserved for youth under the age of 30.
  • Youth from traditional boatman and fisherman (such as Nishads, Mallahs, Machhuaras etc.) and Bunkar communities aspiring to set up their own business in any sector shall be provided with loans up to Rs 5 lakh with a 1% interest rate.
  • A commission shall be set up to enquire into cases of students falsely accused and imprisoned for participating in peaceful protests and expressing their discontent with the policies of the current government

The release of the manifesto saw another interesting turn of events. When asked who will be the Congress’s CM candidate in Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra replies: “Do you see anyone else?” The statement is a direct hint that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will be the Congress CM candidate for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.