Panch Pran, Adivasis, Nari Shakti: PM Modi’s Key Focus In Independence Day Speech

PM Modi spoke of five vows of development that citizens need to stick to for the next 25 years.

Independence Day function at Red Fort
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day, in New Delhi, Monday, Aug 15, 2022. (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his Independence Day speech from the Red Fort in Delhi on India’s 76th Independence Day. Wearing a turban with Tiranga’s colors on it, PM Modi spoke with vigor and a tone of encouragement.

Here are some of the key points the Prime Minister spoke about:

The Panch Pran

PM Modi spoke of five vows of development that citizens need to stick to for the next 25 years.

  1. Having a mindset of development
  2. Erasing traces of slavery from the mind
  3. Perpetuating unity and equality
  4. Being dutiful towards the nation
  5. Taking pride in India’s heritage

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Gender Equality

While speaking of the vow of unity, he invoked gender equality and eve teasing and also added that all the rituals of the country are its pride. “There is no one inferior or superior. Everyone is equal. There’s no one stranger too… This thought is very important for unity. We can perpetuate equality in our homes only when we consider our daughters and sons equal. If we do not consider them equal, we cannot ascend to realms of unity,” he said adding that gender equality is at the core of unity.

He said that for any unknown reason, most of India has been marred by a dialect that insults women. “Can we not, through our conscience and manners, in our daily lives, do away with all the words that insult women?” he said.

“The honor of the women is a very important treasure for accomplishing the dreams of the country. I can see this,” he said.

An Aspirational Society

PM also invoked the nation to be aspirational by being responsible on all fronts. “Some things have emanated from the success of individuals and nations and one of them is dutifulness. Be it individual, social or national success, being dutiful is at the core of it,” he said. To complete the aspiration, he stressed the Panch Pran as well.

India’s Family Values

“We have a lot to give to the world like our (excellent) family values. When the world comes across problems like individual distress, they look up to yoga. Similarly, when they come across some social distress, they look up to the family values of India… We should learn to respect this heritage,” he said.

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He said that after 2014 when he assumed the Prime ministership and delivered his first sermon from Redfort, he spent all his tenure making the lives of Indians better and this was not limited to a specific caste or a community.

Mentioning the names of all the freedom fighters including Jawahar Lal Nehru, he made specific mention of the Adivasi community’s contribution to the freedom struggle. The special mention for the Adivasi community comes days after the Modi-led NDA government promoted Adivasi woman Draupadi Murmu as the presidential candidate. She was later elected as president of India.


“In India, where people are fighting poverty, we need to fight against corruption with all our might.

If we look at ‘nari shakti’ in law, education, science, and police, our daughters and mothers are making major contributions to India,” he said.

Nepotism and Federal Structure

PM Modi raised concern over ‘parivaarvaad’ (nepotism) and says there are some people concerned about protecting their ill-gotten wealth. Invoking federal structure, PM calls for working together; says we may have different programs but not different dreams for nation.