Tejashwi Yadav, Bihar’s New Deputy CM, Faces A Plethora Of Challenges

Tejashwi will have to be more accommodative and at the same time ensure the representation in seat sharing formula is realistic.

File Photo Of Bihar Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav. (ANI Photo)

It’s alliance of convenience and as such the differences had to be put aside for power . But with this power also comes huge responsibility on the shoulders of Tejashwi Yadav. With the RJD having largest number of MLAs and being the senior partner of the government expectations run high .

During the campaigning and the Party manifesto for 2020 assembly polls lofty claims of giving out 10 lakh government jobs in the first cabinet Meeting had created a flutter and now the time has come for him to deliver on the promises made .

The BJP has already started training its guns on Tejashwi Yadav on the issue of backtracking on the promise of 10 lakh jobs . ”Given the wherewithal of the state and also the poor industrialization the task appears to be undaunting”.

But in a state where successive governments have miserably failed in containing the mass exodus for employment, such promises get permanently etched in public memory .

During the 2020 elections Tejashwi Yadav tried to put aside the baggage of so called Jungle Raj and walk outside the shadow of his father. Despite, Lalu being out of action the younger son deftly handled the situation and even as alliance partners like HAM and VIP preferred to walk out of Mahagathbandhan , he campaigned vigorously displaying his crowd pulling abilities and managed to make RJD the single largest party .

Gradually, the young politician seemed to realize that the Old equations of MY combination could no longer be the winning formula and as such he went for a massive reach out to other sections of the highly fragmented caste society in Bihar.

The A2Z formula has now been put to use to wean away even the forward castes to his side . The progress however appears to be slow and insurmountable because reverse consolidation is also a reality in Bihar .

Tejashwi will have to nurture it further and the baggage of the past will keep haunting him again and again. He knows it well that his core vote bank is still intact but that cant ensure a landslide for him in the coming elections. He will have to start looking beyond just the MY equations .

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For the same the RJD will have to come out of the stigma of so called Jungle Raj . The party will have to reign in the rough elements, a glimpse of which was widely visible when senior journalists were heckled just outside the CM residence by party supporters the day Nitish Kumar resigned . The BJP has already started raking up the issues of growing lawlessness and has coined it as ” return of Jungle Raj 2″ .

Right now the BJP Has been marginalized completely in Bihar whereas 7 parties with conflicting interests have come together to form a formidable alliance. Some of these alliance partners are known to have switched allegiance and sides at the drop of a hat . Keeping the flock intact would again be the biggest challenge for Tejashwi if the alliance is looking forward to 2024 and 2025 with bigger hopes .

Tejashwi will have to be more accommodative and at the same time ensure the representation in seat sharing formula is realistic and not driven by push and pull of alliance compulsions. Another impediment comes from within the family itself . Motormouth elder brother has turned out to be an expert in dirty linen washing in Public.

It’s also alleged that the political ambitions of eldest daughter of Lalu are conflicting with the spectacular rise of Tejashwi Yadav within the family. The family needs to realize that Tejashwi has displayed his skills even in the absence of his ailing father and is all set to assume the Supreme role within the party . Tejashwi will have to ensure the conflicting interests within the family are kept away .

The 15 Years of Lalu Rabri rule has been like a baggage for the party . The formula of governance during 1990 to 2005 can’t be same at present . Governance is subject to scrutiny by various agencies , stake holders and if Tejashwi is found wanting on that front it may be a spoiler for him in the future .

The challenge also comes from alliance partner JDU . Tejashwi knows it well that Nitish does not tolerate much of interference in governance . His intolerance on the issue was openly visible in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha when he lost his cool at the speaker Vijay Sinha .

The two regional parties have their own political aspirations and in all likelihood it may come in conflict. Atleast Tejashwi will have to give out the semblance of all being well within the alliance for the sake of much larger goal ahead . The goal of 2024 and 2025 .