BJP Fighting Jinnah, Not For People’s Issues: RLD Chief Jayant Chaudhary

Jats are a deciding factor in almost all the seats in western Uttar Pradesh, a region where the RLD enjoys influence among the community.

New Delhi: RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary on Friday said BJP was not fighting real issues or against any other party in Haryana, but was up against ‘Jinnah’ and ‘Aurangzeb’. In an exclusive interview with India Ahead, Chaudhary, a prominent ‘Jat’ leader exuded confidence that the community will come out in support of his party.

BJP has been trying to woo the Jat community in Haryana and they wanted Chaudhary to join hands with them but he refused the offer. Union Minister Amit Shah, in a meeting with Jat leaders in Delhi, had said that BJP’s doors were always open for RLD.

“I have my own vision and I speak less. But when I speak, I speak decisively,” he said in conversation with India Ahead.

On his alliance with Samajwadi Party, he said, “There’s no question of me moving away from Akhikesh ji. I am together with him and will be with him.”

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Hitting out against BJP leaders, he said, “Their attempt is just to create divisions in Uttar Pradesh. I spoke about ganna kisaan (sugarcane farmers) being the formidable issue here not Jinnah. They keep pushing other things in campaign.”

“I don’t have any phone diary in which the phone numbers of Amit Shah or PM are saved. They are the ones who keep saying that they are a phone call away,” said Chaudhary.

On being asked what gives him the conviction that the Jat community, which overwhelmingly voted for BJP in the previous elections, will turn out to support him in the 2022 assembly elections, RLD chief replied, “It’s not true, the Jat community predominantly voted for our candidates and things have changed as every election is different.”

“The mood of the voters has palpably shifted and the farmer’s agitation has been a catalysing moment for the nation.”

He also highlighted the drawbacks and failures of BJP and said the party has failed to keep their promises and does not work for the welfare of the state.

Earlier, talking about RLD, Shah had said that Jayant Chaudhary “has chosen the wrong house”. Citing the various steps taken by the Modi government for the community, Shah had said that it appointed three Jat governors and has nine Jat MPs.

Further, expressing gratitude towards the community, Shah had said BJP got the community’s blessings due to which the party could win in the 2014, 2017 and 2019 elections.

(With Inputs from PTI)