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BJP The Leader, Congress Ahead of Samajwadi Party In Uttar Pradesh Digital Election Campaign

Political parties in Uttar Pradesh have begun digital campaigns and among them BJP is leading.

New Delhi: The Election Commission, having learned its lesson from the previous polls season in 2020 when five Assemblies went to poll amid pandemic, has this time around thrown a surprise for the political parties. It has ordered that no political party will hold large rallies where thousands of party supporters gather throwing all COVID-19 precautions to the wind and resulting in further spread of coronavirus.

Instead, door-to-door campaigns with no more than 5 party members and digital campaigns are the options available to the political camps that are down for a bitter battle in Uttar Pradesh next month.

The digital campaigning has opened yet another front for the political rival camps as Bharatiya Janata Party leads the pack with its hi-tech IT cell and its large digital campaign team which left no stone unturned in previous civic polls and 2020 Assembly polls.

Let’s take a look at the Digital Campaign War between parties:

BJP Ahead In The Game

First, let’s talk about BJP, now the party has been a frontrunner when it comes to preparations for a digital campaign. The party has a social media team of 6,500 people apart from its dedicated ‘war room’. 

In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has divided the entire state into 1918 divisions and there are 5,700 office bearers placed in those divisions. All circles have their own separate WhatsApp group. For the digital campaign, the party has arranged 9 lakh LEDs, 4 hi-tech studios, from where virtual rallies will be held. 10-50 people will act as on-ground officers in every rally. BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said, ” We started preparing for the digital campaign after the first wave of Corona. We have a strong network on social media platforms.”

“Now if Akhilesh Yadav has not prepared, then what should we do?” he quipped.

Samajwadi Party Behind BJP

Talking about the Samajwadi Party, it is closely trailing behind the ruling party- BJP.  The digital campaign planning of the SP includes sharing links of Akhilesh Yadav’s speeches on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Taking a leaf from BJP’s book, SP has also formed a digital wing. They plan to connect to the common man by creating WhatsApp groups at every booth level. The party has also asked the leaders to remain active on social media and keep in touch with the masses. More than 100 verified accounts of party leaders are all set for the sole purpose and the party also plans to use Zoom and Microsoft apps for virtual rallies.

Congress is Digitally Ahead of SP

Now when compared to Samajwadi party, Congress seems better prepared. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has digitally launched ‘I am a Girl, I can fight ‘ campaign targeting half of UP’s population, she has been a frontrunner and started a live program on Facebook. With the help of social media, Priyanka plans to communicate with the workers at the block level. For this 75,000 WhatsApp groups have been created. Similar to the BJP, the rival camp has also installed War rooms in Delhi and Lucknow for better coordination. Congress says that they were already prepared for digital campaigning.

BSP Lags Behind All

Away from the political clamour, Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party appears to be lagging far behind for digital campaigns. Although Mayawati’s speeches are broadcast on her social media page, BSP has not made any digital campaign plan public so far.

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