CCTV cameras catch Lion entering Gujarat hotel, video goes viral

February 11, 2021 | Updated 12:01 pm

CCTV cameras catch Lion entering Gujarat hotel, video goes viral

The CCTV cameras in a Junagadh hotel, Gujarat has captured shocking footage in which an Asiatic lion was seen leaping inside the hotel premises in the early hours of Monday morning (February 8). The tweet since has gone viral, which showed the lion jumping across the low barriers and entering the hotel at around 5 :04 am on February 8 and following tweets shows the feline leaving the premises only 40 seconds later.


The Asiatic lions, which were commonly found roaming all throughout Indian subcontinent, now are only found in Gir National Park which lies in the southern part of Gujarat. The majestic lions are enlisted in the endangered species list by the government after their numbers dwindled to a few hundred due to illegal poaching and encroachment by human settlements. Some 674 Asiatic Lions currently live in the Gir National Park, according to the state forest department.

Their population which was less than 300, in the 1990s, has since doubled due to the conservation activities undertaken by the Indian Government. According to the Forest Department data, Gir forests have more than 160 males and 260 females while the male-female ratio was also found healthy in the Gir region. This also shows that it is very common for lions to roam freely in Gujarat during foraging hours.