Containment Strategies And Covid-19 Behavior Will Reduce Impact Of Third Covid-19 Wave, Says Health Ministry Official

Containment Strategies And Covid-19 Behavior Will Reduce Impact Of Third Covid-19 Wave, Says Health Ministry Official Representational image (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: The number of cases in the third covid-19 wave will not be to the extent of putting the health system under strain, if effective containment strategies and Covid appropriate behavior are followed, a health ministry official stated on Wednesday.

Health ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal informed that 2.2 percent of India’s population has been affected by the disease till now.

“We should be careful and take steps for protecting the still susceptible 97 percent population. Continued focus on containment is critical,” he said.

“If we keep following containment and Covid appropriate behavior, then the anticipated third wave will not have the number of cases that could put the health system under strain,” he stated.

“Many beneficiaries, especially in rural areas, do not get themselves vaccinated due to myths, rumors, and misinformation about the vaccines. While busting myths related to the vaccines is critical, it is also important to remind communities about the role of Covid appropriate behavior in breaking the chain of transmission,” he added.

Senior ministry official Veena Dhawan talked about the effectiveness of the cocktail vaccine or mixing different vaccine doses, and said that as per the evidence, the vaccines are not “interchangeable”.

“A complete analysis is yet to be made on the matter Cocktail vaccination is not to be followed, and we should take the same doses of the vaccine,” she said.

On the matter of door-to-door vaccination, the official stated that “each vial needs to be used within four hours. This might be difficult, that is why, door-to-door vaccination has not been introduced till now, but near home vaccination facility has commenced”.

Speaking on the issue of pregnant women receiving vaccine doses, Dhawan informed that the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) has recommended COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women.

“Vaccinating pregnant women has been recommended by NTAGI. We will be sharing the guidelines on the matter soon,” she said.

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