COVID-19: After Karnataka, Bihar Adds More Than 3000 Unaccounted Deaths

COVID-19: After Karnataka, Bihar Adds More Than 3000 Unaccounted Deaths Family members and relatives attend the last rites of COVID-19 victims, at T R Mills crematorium in Bengaluru. (PTI Photo/Shailendra Bhojak)

New Delhi: After Karnataka revised its death toll on COVID-19 on Wednesday, Bihar followed suit a day later after the state health department’s number of deaths in the state took a massive jump of over 3000 deaths on Wednesday.

The death toll was increased after the state carried out a data cleaning exercise after which the death tolls have been revised.

On Tuesday the death toll due to COVID-19 was at 5500 which was increased to 9429  on Wednesday, a massive jump of 3951.

This has led to protests from Opposition parties who are now calling out the government for fudging the data.

Furthermore, reports also say that even the data of recovered patients has been fudged.

It is expected that if all the data from the rural pockets of Bihar and hospitals are added the death toll will see a further rise.

In addition, there are high chances that some of these deaths occurred in the previous year which are now being added to the total toll.

Congress leader Prem Chandra Mishra accused the government of lying on the death toll.

“The government reported that at least 1200 deaths occurred till June 7 in Patna which was then revised to 2200 but records of cremation ground show that at least 3200 people were cremated under the COVID-19 protocols which shows that the government has been fudging the data,” said the leader.

Mishra also claimed that the total; death toll in Bihar could exceed 50,00 if death tolls of all the hospitals and rural pockets are counted.

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