Covid Vaccine Hesitancy: Centre Says Working Closely With States and UTs to Bust Myths About Jabs

Covid Vaccine Hesitancy: Centre Says Working Closely With States and UTs to Bust Myths About Jabs A health worker administers a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to a woman, at a Railway hospital in Prayagraj, Friday, June 11, 2021. (PTI Photo)(

New Delhi: The Union Health Ministry on Friday (June 11) said that it was closely working with the states and the Union Territories to address the issue of vaccine hesitancy across the nation. In a statement, the ministry said that it had taken note of media reports which are alleging that there is vaccine hesitancy in rural parts of India.

“It is informed that vaccine hesitancy is a globally accepted phenomenon and should be addressed by scientifically studying and addressing the issue at the community level,” said the Health Ministry in a statement.

The ministry said that it had shared a ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Strategy’ with all the states and UTs before the start of the vaccination drive on January 16.

COVID-19 Vaccination (PTI Photo) (1)
Gurugram: Beneficiaries wait in a queue to receive COVID-19 vaccine dose, at a vaccination centre at a Government school, in Fazilpur Village in Gurugram, Friday, June 11, 2021.(PTI Photo) (

It added that the States and UTs were conducting the drive following the guidelines as per the local requirements.

“All States/ UTs are following the same and adopting the strategy as per the local requirement. Several IEC materials and prototypes for all media – print, social& electronic media have been prepared and shared with states for suitable adaptation at the state level,” the statement added.

Furthermore, it also asked the states and UTs to create awareness programmes in tribal communities about the benefits of vaccination.

The Ministry is also working in close coordination with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India in this regard.

This announcement comes one day after the Ministry of Minority Affairs had launched a campaign to bust myths about India’s vaccination drive.

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