Daily Wage Labourers Compelled To Work In Extreme Delhi Heat

Life not easy for poors in any extreme weather, Delhi deals with an unprecedented heatwave and these daily wage, construction workers have to work to earn their livelihood.

People waiting to collect drinking water on a hot summer day, at Sanjay Camp, in Delhi on Tuesday. (ANI Photo)

New Delhi: As Delhi deals with an unprecedented heatwave, construction workers are compelled to work under extreme weather conditions for their livelihood.

Jae-Ul-Rehman, a construction worker working at a construction site in Delhi’s Patel Nagar said he has no other option except to work for livelihood. “What can we do if the temperature is going so high? There is a need for money. I need to send money to my hometown. We are helpless,” he said.

“If I take a day off then people at home will starve. We don’t have any other options except to work. I have to look after my children and their studies who stay in West Bengal,” Rehman said.

Guddu Thakur, from Madhya Pradesh, questioned that if we don’t work what will we make our wife and kids eat.”There is poverty and we are helpless. Whether there is a high temperature or it is raining, we will have to work in all conditions,” he said.

Mohammad Abbas, another construction worker who is been here in Delhi for more than 20 years said survival becomes difficult if he does not make money.”I am here in Delhi for the past 20-30 years. Be it any weather, I have to work.

There is no day off for me. If I take any leave, I won’t get a single penny. We have the responsibility of sending money to our hometown for our families,” he said.

Zakir Hussain, another construction worker said, everywhere there is a heatwave and livelihood pushes us to move to other cities.”We are now used to this heat. If we don’t work then how are we going to take care of our families?” he said.

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