Delhi-Bound SpiceJet Flight Catches Fire, Makes Emergency Landing At Patna Airport; All Passengers Safe

The flight made a safe landing after it caught fire mid-air.

New Delhi: A Delhi bound Spice Jet flight on Monday made an emergency landing at the Patna airport in Bihar after it caught fire mid-air due to a technical glitch. The flight made a safe landing.

Patna Airport Director said, “SpiceJet flight from Patna to Delhi was reported to have fire in one engine. The flight landed safely, and all 183 passengers and two infants have deboarded safely.”

“The Delhi-bound flight had returned to Patna airport after locals noticed a fire in the aircraft and informed district and airport officials. All 185 passengers were safely deboarded. The reason is a technical glitch, engineering team analysing further,” Chandrashekhar Singh, Patna District Magistrate told media persons.

However, DGCA informed that the flight returned back after “bird hit” and due to one engine shut in the air, all on-board passengers safe.

Speaking about the flight incident SpiceJet spokesperson said, “Cockpit crew of Patna-Delhi SpiceJet flight after take-off during rotation suspected bird hit on engine no. 1.”

As a precautionary measure, flight captain shut down affected engine & returned to Patna. Post flight inspection shows bird hit with 3 fan blades damaged, he added.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi reacted to the incident, saying this was “playing with the lives of passengers”.
“This is playing with the lives of passengers. Repeatedly been raising this with the minister, with the aviation secretary. Don’t know when they will rise to the occasion and avoid a major mishap waiting to happen,” the Shiv Sena leader tweeted.

(With ANI Inputs)

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