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Dissolve This Assembly And go For Elections, DK Shivakumar Challenges BJP

DK Shivakumar
Karnataka Congress state unit chief D K Shivakumar (Photo Credit: PTI)

Bengaluru: KPCC President DK Shivakumar has challenged the BJP government saying, “People of the state are struggling to save their lives due to flood and Covid and the government has failed to save them. Hence, he said to dissolve this assembly and go to the people and get a fresh mandate”.  

Speaking to the media from his Bangalore’s Sadashivanagar residence after accepting the State level Covid-19 supervisory committee report, he said, “Dissolve the current assembly and face the elections. Let us see who will form a new government as per the people’s mandate”. 

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Regarding the floods, he said that the CM is visiting the flood-hit areas. 

”We aren’t worried about what happens to his position, nor concerned with the CM change issue”. 

”The state has been continuously hit by floods for the past three years. From our party under the leadership of R.V.Deshpande and Satish Jarakiholi, teams have gone and inspected the floods”, he added. 

”Belagavi district has more than ten MLAs from your own party, even then you couldn’t visit the flood-hit areas last year, why? You haven’t built houses there. You haven’t compensated the flood victims from even the previous year. Why? If you can’t do these, why should you be in power?”

Shivakumar said, ”Previously when West Bengal and other states were flood-affected, the Prime minister himself visited there. But why didn’t he come to Karnataka? Why wasn’t proper compensation given to Karnataka? Why is the center doing this discrimination? Why aren’t the BJP MPs putting pressure on the center?”

Regarding Vaccines, he said, ”How many vaccines were given to Gujarat and how many vaccines did we get? Haven’t we sent 25 MPs from our state? Is this what the BJP culture is?”

”This itself is big evidence that BJP does not have the competence to serve the people. When people are facing difficulty, when they’re losing their assets and lives, this government never responded. They have failed miserably”. 

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Shivakumar further said that the day Yediyurappa took over, he himself mentioned that a big political instability was prevailing. ”This is his administration and this is his gift to the people”. 

He also asserted that, ”Congress has done what the government couldn’t do. During the Covid period, the congress party-workers observed everything. We took responsibility when the Covid situation was beginning. We served people to the best of our abilities. We made good decisions during the first wave. We stood as a helping hand to the migrant laborers, farmers. People have observed us purchasing the crops from the farmers in this period”. 

”Congress leaders and our party workers have done their duties throughout the state. While the BJP leaders put their photo on the food kits purchased through the government’s money, our party leaders distributed food kits, oxygen, sanitizers from their own money. We have worked parallelly with the government, providing 1225 ambulances”. 

The leader added, ”We’ve given 12,53,000 medical kits. We gave 93,47,867 food kits in total and 24,654 oxygen cylinders. We have records also for each of these. We put pressure and made the government call for an all-party meet. We fought for those who’ve lost their jobs. Many migrants died. The government fixed thrice the price for the migrants to travel back to their places. We went to their help and gave them free transport. We didn’t do this for the sake of votes. It’s our duty as an opposition party. It’s our responsibility to be amidst people in their times of distress”. 

”We unearthed the 10 thousand bed scandal and the medicine scandal. The way the government behaved with the dead is horrible. Everybody has seen it. Even though the experts warned about the 2’nd wave, the government didn’t respond properly. Whether they responded or not, we took up the responsibility and did what was required. Since that day we have been doing our duty. Our party-workers go to every doorstep and help the needy. We are not into this for the greed of power. Our poor people have sold their assets and gold for the sake of people”. 

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We have received an interim report on this whole situation and we will be also sending this to AICC. We will receive the final report sometime later. I thank the team which has worked hard for this. Our party MLAs have distributed thousands of food kits all over the state. We’ve done the job which even the government couldn’t do. We had come up with a 100 crore vaccine procurement program, but the government didn’t accept it, but with the pressure, they had to budge and announce free vaccines, finally”, Shivakumar said.

On his party’s work, he said, ”Our own leader Shri Shamanuru Shivashankarappa distributed 3 lakh vaccines from his own money and became a role model for all. Our party workers tied up with self-help groups and gave free vaccines. This is the congress party’s work. Let others do such good things and show. Our Loksabha member unearthed the Bed scam, but who was doing it? What happened to that scam? They exposed their own government’s fault while trying to hide the tragedy at Chamarajanagar. They also showered their hatred on one community shamelessly. How can history be hidden?”

”We’ve asked our team to do a death audit and the work is going on in full swing at every block level. Did any minister or MLA from the government undertake such a task? They visited the victims 20 days after we visited. Such is the situation. The government has completely failed on this front and we have decided to serve the people and hence prepared this committee report”. 

”The CM himself gives information to the central ministry that no death has happened due to oxygen shortage, then why did they give 2 lakh rupees compensation for the 24 dead people at Chamarajanagar? 36 people have died due to oxygen shortage, the committee appointed by the high court itself has reported the figure”, said Shivakumar. 

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”The families of Covid dead aren’t being given the death certificates stating that they are non-Covid deaths, such is the situation. On this issue, Congress is visiting each and every house and trying to get justice to the victims”. 


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