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Durga Puja 2021: Burj Khalifa Theme Pandal in Kolkata Temporarily Closed For Public

Earlier this week the club had cancelled its laser show after pilots of three planes complained to the air traffic control.

Burj Khalifa Pandal in Kolkata.

Kolkata: A major crowd puller Sreebhumi Sporting Clubs’ ‘Burj Khalifa’ themed puja pandal has temporarily closed its door for the public as its popularity saw hundreds of pandal hoppers throng to visit this spectacular installation.

According to sources, as a precautionary measure, the club has decided to close down in order to avoid the huge crowds while the country is still battling the coronavirus pandemic. A final decision on the matter is however pending.

Earlier this week the club had cancelled its laser show after pilots of three planes complained to the air traffic control (ATC) tower that they had difficulties in landing their aircraft. The Netaji Subhash Chandra International airport is located near the venue.

The laser show at Burj Khalifa pandal in Kolkata.

According to a senior airport officer, the ATC after receiving the complaints informed the local police and the laser show was stopped. Meanwhile, the puja organisers claim the laser show was halted, in view of the pandemic restrictions, as it was pulling huge crowds who were visiting the pandal and social distancing was not being maintained.

As per the Calcutta High Court order, the interior of the pandal was barricaded that makes the pandal a containment zone, but visitors had started entering from one end of the lane, where the structure is erected and exited from the other side. This however crowded the narrow lane during the laser show as people refused to move until the show ended. The laser show also resulted in long queues, as people were waiting for as long as three or four hours just to watch the laser show.

While, the real thing, the Dubai tower stands at 2,722 ft, with 163 floors, 57 elevators, and eight escalators, the Burj Khalifa pandal, the replica tower at Sreebhumi stands 150 ft tall and has become a favorite for Kolkata pandal hoppers.

People from all over the city are not just coming to see this unique pandal, but also the gold ornaments and other decorations adorned by Goddess Durga which is unique just like the khalifa pandal.

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