Ex-professor Donates Rs 10 Cr To PGI Chandigarh, Will Help 450 Patients Get Renal Transplants

He had gone for niece’s treatment and felt the need to donate for attendants lying in the corridors.

Indian Air Force chopper showered flower petals on Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) to express gratitude towards medical professionals, in Chandigarh on Sunday, May 03, 2020. (ANI Photo)

Chandigarh: Ever heard of an individual donation of Rs 10 crore to a hospital by a common man? Well, a former professor-cum-head of the department (HOD) at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh has donated Rs 10 crore to the renal transplant department of the institute.

The former professor came up with the idea to donate a huge sum of money to the institute when one day he accompanied his niece to the renal transplant department following her kidney failure. At the department he found the attendants lying in the corridors quite helplessly. That very day he decided that he will donate to the hospital.

The cost of one renal transplant is Rs 2.50 lakh and is often outside the reach of a common man. By the time the doctor suggests a kidney transplant for a particular patient, his attendant’s financial condition is already a mess.

PGI, which is one of the two premier medical institutes that does renal transplants in north India apart from AIIMS, can operate 450 patients who require renal transplants with this single donation of Rs 10 crore.

Now, according to his wish, he wants the donation made by him to be a secret, thus, the PGI has refused to share his name or any other detail.

It is the first time that such a huge donation has been made by an individual to the PGI. Before this, another big donation by an individual was made by advocate HK Dass and his wife. Dass donated Rs 50 lakh to PGI in 2020. Dass said, “My wife remains chronically ill and thus she made this wish that we should donate something for the cause of the poor. I immediately went that day and made the donation to the PGI’s poor patient fund.”

Among the corporates, Vardhaman group has made the biggest donations in recent years.

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