From Age Limit To ‘One Family One Ticket’, A Look At Organisational Reforms Introduced By Congress

In order to make the organisation more effective, apart from the Block Congress Committees, Mandal Congress Committees will be constituted as well.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (PTI Photo)

THE Indian National Congress on Tuesday said that it will be setting up an age limit for 50 per cent of posts in the party by way of reserving them for those aged 50 or under. It also said that the vacant positions at the block, district, state, and national levels will be filled in the next 90 to 180 days and accountability fixed.

In order to make the organisation more effective, apart from the Block Congress Committees, Mandal Congress Committees will be constituted as well. The party also said that it is in the interest of the organisation to limit the term of a position to five years so that new people get an opportunity. All this was a part of their Nav Sankalp Declaration.

“After this intensive exercise, the Indian National Congress has emerged with a new resolve, reaffirming its commitment to walk on the path of Indian nationalism and nation-building. On display was a commitment to live up to its legacy, to strive for ‘Justice for All’ under all circumstances, and resolutely tackle the present challenges faced by the party. The deliberations held by the six groups culminated in some important conclusions,” the party said after it held the three-day Chintan Shivir.

Three New Departments

Three new departments of the party were also created at the national level by the INC. These include the Public Insight Department which will be responsible for gathering public feedback on different issues and evaluating policies in a scientific manner, to serve as an input to the party leadership.

Another department that the party will inaugurate is the National Training Institute, to train the party leaders and the workers on the policies, ideology, and vision of the party, policies of the government, and other burning issues. The training institute can start at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development Studies located in Kerala, Congress said.

It added that besides the two, AICC Election Management Department will also be formed. As per Congress, this will ensure preparedness well in advance for every election in an effective manner to achieve desired results.

One Family, One Ticket

Apart from setting up the age limit, the “one person, one post” should be followed, Congress said. It added that the principle of “one family, one ticket” should also be ensured. Congress also said that in case another member of the family is politically active, they will be considered for a ticket only after five years of organisational experience.

Cong Voices Concerns Over Violence In Northeast

The Congress also said that the breakdown of law and order, and the spread of separatism and extremism in the peace-loving states of the North-East is very worrying. “Assam-Mizoram-Meghalaya border dispute for political interests, long-term closure of Nagaland-Manipur National Highway, non-implementation of the mysterious Naga Peace Accord, 2019, and creating an atmosphere of social and political instability to gain power in the entire North-East shows the failures of BJP and has undone the efforts of the Congress in restoring normalcy to the Northeast,” it said.

Govt Has Lost Ground In Kashmir: Cong

The Congress added that dismantling its unique character and taking away full statehood from Jammu and Kashmir by downgrading its status to two Union Territories is a failure of the BJP. It added that by “not holding elections by not restoring the state assembly, snatching the right to vote from the people of Jammu and Kashmir, implementing a lop-sided and defective Delimitation Commission Report, and an all-around atmosphere of instability and insecurity with militants targeting and murdering security forces and thousands of civilians, including Kashmiri Pandits,” the government has lost the ground in the valley.

Cong On Reservation

Emphasising upon the ruling party, it said that the Indian National Congress demands that the SC-ST sub-plan to be reintroduced with legal recognition in the budgets of the Union and state governments. “For the empowerment of women, the Constitutional amendment of 33 percent women’s reservation in Parliament, Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils should be passed as soon as possible and women of every category should get the benefit of proportional reservation,” the Congress said.

The ‘Unite India’ Call

The party added that 80 years ago, in the year 1942, Mahatma Gandhi gave a call to the nation where it asked the Britishers to ‘Quit India’ or ‘Bharat Chodo’.

“In the year, 2022, our call to the nation is ‘Unite India’, that is, ‘Bharat Jodo’,” it said, adding that this is the new thought of the Congress.