Gangs Of Punjab Go Global, Law Enforcement Local

A common connection between all the gangsters in India and those abroad is Harwinder Singh Rinda—a Pakistan-based gangster-turned-terrorist.

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Chandigarh: Devinder Bambiha gang, which has its origin in Punjab, has issued a death threat to Punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh, jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his Canada-based accomplice Goldy Brar. While Aulakh has already left for Canada, Bishnoi is in a Punjab jail and Goldy is in Canada. The death threat worded in Punjabi states, “You may have gone to Canada or wherever, we will chase you down to hell. It is just a matter of time.”

For Punjab Police, the task ahead is tedious given the global presence of most of these gangs. They are in Canada, Australia, Armenia, Germany, France, Italy, Pakistan, etcThe Bishnoi gang is just one small part of the jigsaw puzzle that these foreign-based gangsters are. Lakhbir Landa gang, Bambiha gang, Bishnoi gang, Jaipal Bhullar gang, and Shera Khuban gang are present across the world as are many others.

A common connection between all the gangsters in India and those abroad is Harwinder Singh Rinda—a Pakistan-based gangster-turned-terrorist. He has been a small-time gangster, who has now graduated to narco-terror activities. He receives funds, delivers weapons through drones, and carries out terror modules in India, mostly in Punjab. In short, he is friends with gangsters and terrorists.

Any narco-terror or gangster activity takes place through Rinda. In the past, Rinda has hired local gangsters to carry out grenade attacks outside the army base in Pathankot and the CIA police station in SBS Nagar in November last year. He also masterminded the rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on the Punjab Police’s intelligence headquarters in Mohali on May 9.

Sources in the Punjab Police say Rinda is like a wholesale operator who is a key points person in this entire gang-narco-terror operation which is prospering like a business on a global scale centred around Punjab.

Lakhbir Landa Inc Based In Canada

Lakhbir Landa is based out of Canada and heads the gang which operates by his name. Landa too was one of the masterminds of the Rocket Propelled Grenade RPG attack at the State Intelligence Headquarters, Mohali in May this year. He was in touch with Rinda. Like Landa, another Canada-based gangster turned terrorist is Arsh Dalla, a native of Moga who is also now based in Canada. Dalla too is accused of carrying out many terror modules in Punjab.

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Bambiha Inc Is Run From Armenia

Coming back to the Bishnoi-Bambiha gang enmity, Devinder Bambiha was killed in a police encounter in September 2016 near Rampura Phul in Bathinda. After Bambiha’s death, the gang is headed by Gaurav Padial aka Lucky Padial from Armenia.

Lucky Padial was allegedly instrumental in the killing of Vicky Middukhera in Mohali, who was close to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Middukhera’s murder was the reason why Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moosewala was killed by the Bishnoi gang. Padial works closely with another Surrey based in Canada.

Shaganpreet In Australia After Middukhera’s Murder

Lawrence Bishnoi gang believed that Moosewala’s manager Shaganpreet Singh was involved in Middukhera’s murder. Ever since Shaganpreet has migrated to Australia. That Moosewala allegedly facilitated Shaganpreet’s migration to Australia irked the Bishnoi gang and thus he was eliminated.

The Canada-Based Gangs Of Punjab

Another key accused in Moosewala’s murder is gangster Goldy Brar, who is in Canada. Even though, after India’s request, Interpol has issued a Red Corner Notice (RCN) on Brar, the likelihood of his being extradited is low since Canada’s record of extraditing those involved in criminal activity in India is negligible due to the presence of pro-Khalistani forces in Canadian politics who support any form of militant activity back in Punjab.

Lakhbir Singh Rode Inc In Pakistan

Sikh preacher and militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s nephew Lakhir  Singh Rode is based in Pakistan. Rode is a terrorist and uses gangsters to carry out terror modules in Punjab. And his understudy is Harvinder Singh Rinda who too is Pakistan-based. Police is probing his role in various terror acts in Punjab.

Bhullar Gang Being Run From Australia

Jaipal Singh Bhullar, a hammer thrower was killed in an encounter in Kolkata, West Bengal on June 9, 2021. Bhullar was initially booked for the kidnapping of a son of a cinema hall owner and later he formed a gang with Rajiv aka Raja and Shera Khuban. After Bhullar’s death, his gang is run by Gurjant Singh. Gurjant lives in Australia.

Italy-Bound Gangs Of Punjab

When Shera Khuban was first arrested, his parents back in Fatehgarh Sahib were shocked. Shera Khuban’s real name is Hardeep Singh. Hardeep aka Shera was living in Italy since childhood with his uncle. And that is what his parents thought until they came to know the harsh truth of a boy named Shera’s arrest and later they came to know that Shera was none other than their own son Hardeep. Like Shera, Gurjinder Singh and Avtar Singh too were in Italy and part of the narco-terror gang.

Shaminder Singh Co Based In Germany

Shaminder Singh and Gurmeet Singh Bagga operate from Germany. Shaminder Singh had arranged for targeted killings in Amritsar in 2017. The police then busted the module with the arrest of three people including Shaminder’s mother Jaswinder Kaur. Bagga, in particular, was involved in narco-terror activities and his name came up in the seizure of 532-kg of heroin haul at the Attari-Wagah border a few years back.

Experts are of the view that any activity taking place in Punjab and has its origin in Germany via Canada and then Pakistan cannot be fully controlled. “We simply cannot nab the culprits who are not on our soil.”

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