Giving Honesty Certificates To “Corrupt” Ministers Is Kejriwal’s Delhi Model: Anurag Thakur

The senior BJP leader took a dig by referring to Kejriwal's book 'Swaraj' and claimed that the AAP government had ushered a 'Sharab Raj' instead.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur (Image: Twitter/ANI)

Dharamshala: The war of words between the BJP and AAP over the CBI raids against Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia continued on Monday as Information and Broadcasting minister Anurag Thakur questioned the “silence” of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over allegations of corruption.

”The Delhi model is exposed and all the corruption by AAP will come to the fore in the coming days”, Thakur alleged. The senior BJP leader took a dig by referring to Kejriwal’s book ‘Swaraj’ and claimed that the AAP government had ushered a ‘Sharab Raj’ instead.

“In his book titled Swaraj, Kejriwal has written that the government allocates liquor contracts for collecting money without asking the citizens and without asking the women.”

He also said ”So, today, we want to ask, whom did Kejriwal ask before allocating the liquor contracts. He wrote a book – Swaraj – but eventually brought ‘Sharab Raj,” Thakur claimed while hitting out at the AAP leader. He also attacked Kejriwal over his “silence” on the allegations of corruption on some of the leaders of his party.

“I gave him 24 hours to respond, but he hasn’t said a word. Nor has any other AAP spokesperson. First their corrupt ‘Dawa mantri’ was arrested and in jail for the last 3 months and now their corrupt ‘Daru Mantri’ is on the first list of accused, but still the kingpin is silent,” Thakur said whle lashing out at Kejriwal.

He further claimed that the ‘Kejriwal Model’ was about spending huge sums of money on advertisements and also giving honesty certificates to their own ministers.

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“Arvind Kejriwal Model decoded. You spend hundreds of crores of rupee to do publicity with no accountability. And when you get caught, you fix the liability on someone else”, he said.

”Giving honesty certificates to the corrupt is the Kejriwal Model. It’s for the first time that the same person has been heading both the educational well as the liquor departments. That is Arvind Kejriwal Model,” Thakur said.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raided the residence of Manish Sisodia on Friday, in connection with an alleged scam in the implementation of Delhi givernment’s liquor policy, which now stands withdrawn.

Sisodia was among 15 booked in an FIR filed by the CBI. Excise officials, liquor company executives, dealers, some unknown public servants and private persons have been booked in the case.

Sisodia and the AAP have claimed innocence. They have claimed that Sisodia was targeted because he is a minister in the Arvind Kejriwal-led government.