Himachal Boasts Of Healthiest Elderly, But Is 3rd Most Unsafe State For Senior Citizens

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh 1st and 2nd most unsafe states for elderly.

Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram Thakur
Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur listens to the grievances of the people at the Oakover, in Shimla on Monday, August 29, 2022. (ANI Photo)

Chandigarh: While Himachal Pradesh boasts of the healthiest elderly population in the country, the hill state has been termed to be the third most unsafe state in the country for these very elderly population. At least seven lakh people, which amounts to 10 per cent of the total population, of the state are elderly.

The most unsafe state for the senior citizens according to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) ‘Crimes in India 2021’ report is Madhya Pradesh, followed by the neighbouring Chhattisgarh, shockingly considered to be among the most peaceful states with low crime rate, this hill state has registered an unusually high crime against its senior citizens.

As per the data, the rate of crimes against senior citizens (those who are 60 years of age and above) in Madhya Pradesh stands at 92.3 criminal activity per one lakh people while Chhattisgarh occupies the second position with 70 crimes reported per one lakh people.

Himachal Pradesh is third with 59.6 crimes reported per lakh. This is higher than the national average of 25.1

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Among the cities, Delhi recorded the highest crime rate of 101.7 per lakh population against the senior citizens.

With a population of seven lakh persons who are more than 60 years of age, Himachal witnessed 419 crimes against the elderly in 2021. This was a rise of 152 per cent compared to 2019 when only 166 such crimes were reported and 6.3 per cent increase compared to 394 in 2020 which was mostly a year of Covid lockdown. The crime percentage reported against the elderly in the Covid lockdown year too was quite high.

Apart from this, 10 murder cases of the elderly were reported in Himachal, two rapes, four case of attempt to murder, 23 of cheating and forgery, 74 cases of trespass, 26 cases of criminal intimidation and five cases of fraud.

According to the NCRB report, crimes under the Indian Penal Code IPC and Special Acts and Local Laws SLL in the state went down by 10 per cent with 31,874 cases reported in 2021. This is about 3,600 cases less than a year before when 35,433 cases were reported in 2020. This particularly was a positive development, since 2020 was a year of Covid lockdown with people not venturing out of their homes and yet there was a high crime rate but the following year it went down.

The IPC crimes also went down by 11.9 per cent from 14,803 in 2020 to 13,041 in the year 2021. Crimes which involved violent acts too came down by 3 per cent.

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