Time Will Tell: Sonu Sood Tweets After IT Dept Alleges Rs 20 Cr Tax Evasion

Sood in his post said that he was busy attending few guests, hinting at the IT raids that lasted four days.

The temple located in Garlapada village has a bust-sized sculpture of Sonu Sood. (Image: India Ahead Network)

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood took to Twitter on Monday, and in a post said,” Every Rupee in my foundation is awaiting its turn to save a precious life and reach the needy.” His post concluded in the end with a Hindi proverb which roughly translates to, “Do Good and good will happen to you. Time will tell, the end is always good for good people.”

His statement comes after, Income Tax Department on Saturday said that tax evasion worth Rs 20 crore by a Bollywood actor and his associates have been unearthed so far apart from violations of regulations of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

Sood in his post said that he has donated his endorsement fees to humanitarian causes and in scathing remarks to the raids that have lasted four days, he added that he has been busy attending few guests but now he is back.

“In addition, on many occasions, I have encouraged brands to donate my endorsement fees for humanitarian causes too, which keeps us going,” he said.

“I have been busy attending to a few guests hence was unable to be at your service, for the last 4 days. Here I am back again in all humility. At your humble service, for life,” he added while pointing that he will continue to serve people, despite the ongoing search operation by the government departments.

IT department sources told ANI that searches were conducted in the premises linked with actor Sonu Sood over the past few days.

The Income Tax Department conducted searches of a total of 28 premises spread over Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Delhi, and Gurgaon linked to the actor.

According to the press release of Central Board of Direct Taxes, the department has unearthed that a said Infrastructure Group/company has entered into a dubious circular transaction to the tune of Rs. 175 crore with an infrastructure company based in Jaipur.

The simultaneous search operations carried out at various premises of an Infrastructure group in Lucknow in which the said actor has entered into a joint venture real estate project and invested substantial funds, have resulted in the unearthing of incriminating evidence pertaining to tax evasion and irregularities in the books of account, as per the statement.

The Charity Foundation incorporated by the actor Sonu Sood on July 21, 2020, has collected donations to the tune of Rs 18.94 crore from April 1 this year till date, out of which it has spent around Rs. 1.9 crore towards various relief work and the balance of Rs. 17 crore has been found lying unutilized in the bank account of the Foundation to date, the CBDT said.

It is seen that funds to the tune of Rs 2.1 crore have also been raised by the Charity Foundation from overseas donors on a crowdfunding platform in violation of FCRA regulations.

During the course of the search at the premises of the actor and his associates, incriminating evidence pertaining to tax evasion have been found.