Hoist ‘Tiranga’ In Ladakh Areas Occupied By China & ‘Nishan Sahib’ In Punjab: Simranjit Singh Mann

Sikh hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal asked Sikh youths to keep themselves away from activities like hoisting the Khalistani flag atop houses in Punjab just for the sake of money.

Simranjit Singh Mann
Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Simranjit Singh Mann. (ANI Photo)

Chandigarh: Akali Dal Amritsar supremo and Sangrur MP Simranjit Singh Mann has raked up yet another controversy over the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga‘ campaign of the Centre. Mann has said that the ‘Tiranga’ should be hoisted in those areas of Ladakh that India lost in 1962 and during Galwan clash in 2020. “More than 40,000 square km were lost to China in 1962 and also a bit of it in 2020. We should hoist our flag there,” Mann said.

Asked to clarify his stand on ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ or the hoisting of the Indian flag in Punjab atop houses, he said, “Nishan Sahib should be hoisted in Punjab.” Mann even released a video message, making an appeal to the ‘panth’ that ‘Kesari’ flag or ‘Nishan Sahib’ should be hoisted atop houses in Punjab.

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) chief Amarinder Singh Raja Warring took on Mann saying that he is vitiating the atmosphere. No one stops anyone from hoisting a ‘Kesari’ (saffron flag). He said the ‘Tri-colour’ is a symbol of the nation’s dignity and every Indian needs to respect it. Thousands of Punjabis and Sikhs have laid down their lives to safeguard the honour of the ‘Tri-colour’ and the radicals are trying to undo the efforts of our martyrs, Warring said.

Sikh Hardliner Rejects Call For Hoisting Khalistani Flag

Sikh hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal, who is the chief of the Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC), has asked Sikh youths, especially the baptised youth (Amrtidharis), to keep themselves away from activities like hoisting the Khalistani flag atop houses in Punjab just for the sake of money.

“Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the founder of Sikhs For Justice (SJF) is asking the Sikh youths to hoist Khalistani flags atop houses for money. It is wrong for a true Sikh to fall for money.” He added, “It is tragic that ‘Amritdhari’ youths in the past were swayed by such promises and they landed in prison. Many have even approached me for relief. The organisation that coerced them into doing it didn’t even pay them,” Daduwal said.

Daduwal’s appeal is significant since he is a close associate of jailed Sikh hardliner Jagtar Singh Hawara, who is guilty of assassinating former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh. Daduwal also asked, “What’s wrong with the ‘Tiranga’? It has the ‘Kesari’ colour, the colour of the ‘Nishan Sahib’ and thus it cannot be disrespected. After all, thousands of Sikhs have been martyred for this flag.” Targeting Pannu, he said, if he wants to raise the Khalistan issue he should come to India and raise it.