India will receive normal monsoon in 2021: IMD

India will receive normal monsoon in 2021: IMD Patna: Dark clouds hover in the sky in Patna, (May 25, 2021). (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: The southwest monsoon seasonal rainfall between June to September, in the country, is likely to be 101 per cent of the long period average, said India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday (June 1, 2021).

In its updated forecast after announcing the delay in monsoon arrival, the weather department added that the country will have a normal monsoon season this year, raising the expectation of a good harvest season for 2021.

It added that India will most likely receive normal rainfall (96 to 104 per cent of Long Period Average (LPA)) between June to September in 2021.

The LPA of the season rainfall over the country as a whole for the period 1961-2010 is 88 cm.

“We are expecting normal rainfall for Northwest India. There is a probability of below-normal rainfall over Leh and Ladakh region and normal to slightly above normal rainfall in Jammu and Kashmir region, ” Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General, IMD said on Tuesday.

According to IMD, the southwest monsoon is likely to be normal over Northwest India and South Peninsula. Whereas, seasonal rainfall is most likely to be below normal over Northeast India and above normal over Central India, said the weather bulletin.

Normal Monsoon

IMD in its forecast said that Northwest India and South Peninsular region will have normal monsoon rainfalls this year. The Northwestern part of the country is expected to receive 92-108 per cent rain while the southern peninsula will likely get 93-107 per cent of rains this year.

Below Normal Monsoon

Seasonal rainfall is most likely to be below normal for Northeast India, which is predicted to receive less than 95 per cent of the average rainfall.

Above Normal Monsoon

On the other hand, Central India is expected to see more rain than normal this year. IMD predicts that over 106 per cent of rainfalls will feed this part of the country.

“The southwest monsoon seasonal (June to September) rainfall over the monsoon core zone, which consists of most of the rainfed agriculture regions in the country is most likely to be above normal,” read the IMD forecast.

The weather department expects monsoon rains to be well distributed, as most parts of the country are expected to receive an average to an above-average amount of rains this year.


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