International Friendship Day: Some Bonds That The World Would Like To See

Take a look at some of the friendships and bonds that people may love to see, some bonds that might ensure a better world.

(Photo Credit: ANI)

New Delhi: Friendship is a relation of respect, support and unconditional love. Friendship is a bond of memories and promises that goes beyond boundaries.

On this international friendship day, let’s take a look at some of the friendships and bonds that people may love to see, some bonds that might ensure a better world.

Russia and Ukraine:

A war between Russia and Ukraine that broke out in February 2022 is one of the biggest concerns of this year. All this started when Russia launched an undeclared war and invaded Ukraine. Russia launched missiles on Ukraine and captured different regions. This war was condemned by various countries globally.

A sense of peace between the two countries can save lives as thousands of people have been killed. As a consequence of the war, Russia has faced sanctions from different countries including the European Union and the United States. If things between the two nations became bit friendly, it will be a positive sign for the whole world as the war has created problems like the one related to fuel prices around the world. The people around the world want to see this friendship so that lives can be saved and poverty can be tackled.

MPs in Parliament:

Heated debates and arguments in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha have always been a part of the Indian political system. Debates on issues ranging from Kashmir, inflation, foreign reserves and petrol prices have always been at the centre.

The monsoon session of Parliament started on July 18 and ever since it kicked off a series of protests have taken place. The Opposition members are protesting inside Parliament as they are waiting for discussions on GST hike, inflation among other issues.

The protests are extended to a level that many MPs have been suspended following unacceptable behaviour in the House. The list of suspended MPs includes the name of Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh. So far the proceedings in Parliament have been adjourned several times and a total of 23 MPs have faced suspension for creating ruckus in the House.

Healthy discussions and cooperation between the party in power and the opposition is a must for the House to function and friendly behaviour between the MPs can only ensure that the productivity of these Parliament sessions is increased as a lot of money goes into the arrangements of these sessions.

India and Pakistan:

The unending rivalry between the two neighbours has only seen many different chapters where the two nations have come face to face. Many attempts have been made on the political front in an attempt to bring peace but as usual Pakistan’s unwanted activities at the border have only made things from bad to worse.

The rift between the two countries has also impacted the game of cricket as India and Pakistan are now mostly seen playing each other in ICC tournaments or Asia Cup. India toured Pakistan last time in 2006 and the last time our neighbours came to India in 2012.

Be it the matter of Kashmir or terrorism, India and Pakistan have always been at loggerheads. A country like Pakistan has always been at the mercy of China. People might be willing to see this friendship and maybe want things to ease out a bit but after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Uri and Pulwama attacks chances of this happening seem too far.

Politicians and Toll booth employees:

Politics and politicians in India are always filled with news throughout the year. Some speeches, gestures and controversies always keep the pot boiling. In the last few years politicians have been caught in rift with toll booth employees for petty issues. In the year 2018, a BJP MLA was caught on camera, slapping a toll worker in Udaipur for collecting toll from him.

In the year 2020, a Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party leader Devalla Revathi was caught on camera slapping the toll worker for collecting toll tax from her in Guntur.

The latest example of such an incident was seen in 2022 when Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali who recently joined BJP had a small argument at Ladowal toll plaza near Ludhiana. The former wrestler was surrounded by toll workers and they hurled abuses at him.

There were allegations on Khali that he slapped one of the toll workers. Khali was on his way from Jalandhar to Karnal. A video of The Great Khali went viral on social media in which the plaza workers were seen arguing with Khali at the toll plaza.

Khali allegedly slapped one of the workers after he refused to click a selfie with one of them. Khali said that they wanted to click a selfie while sitting by Khali’s side in his car, which he of course refused.

In the video the toll plaza workers can be seen misbehaving with a calm and composed Khali who is just asking the workers to let him go but they refuse.

Later, Khali denied all the allegations of misbehaviour. A healthy and friendly relation between the toll workers and politicians will be really pleasing for the people.

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