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Jammu Air Base Blast: Investigative Agencies Probe Possible Use of Drone in Attack

The forensics team has taken samples from the explosion site and sent them for further investigation.

Two explosions rocked the Jammu Air Force Base on June 27 (ANI Photo)

New Delhi: Central agencies are currently investigating whether the twin blast attack on the Jammu Air Base was carried out by using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Air Force Station reported two low-intensity explosions were reported after which a forensic team and a bomb disposal squad were rushed to the site. Sources say that drones may have been used to carry out the attacks.  

One of the explosions damaged the roof of a building while the other exploded in an open area.

Roof of a room, damaged by the explosion on June 27 (ANI Photo)

The forensics team has taken samples from the explosion site and sent them for further investigation.

Former Major General SB Asthana while speaking to India Ahead said, “This is an attempt by the terrorists who are desperate as they have been unable to carry out attacks on the security forces.”

“The terrorists are under tight scrutiny in Kashmir so they have chosen their target as Jammu this time because they know that the security and intelligence grid around these security establishments and airports in Kashmir is quite strong,” he added.

He also said that this was a soft target for the terrorists who managed to inflict low damage.

Asthana said that this was a security breach and needed to be looked into.

The former general also added that if there was a security lapse it must be addressed immediately.

“Accessibility to these areas which are sensitive need to be further restricted and put under surveillance in order to tighten the security measures and prevent any future attacks,” Asthana said.

Meanwhile, Sunny Sharma, CEO of IIO Technologies told India Ahead that war face strategy has now changed with the non-state actors looking to use drones.

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Sharma said, “This was expected and this will be the way forward in terms of the future warfare. Now you don’t need large ballistic missiles, you can create panic with these small devices. Imagine if something like this is deployed in the Mahakumbh or a cricket stadium with 50,000 people. The stampede itself will cause enough ruckus and damage.”

He also said that technology could be used to detect these drones.

“We can detect these types of drones using radars, we can detect them from RF signatures and we can neutralise them… The Indian Army and the Air Force are working to adopt these technologies into their fleet,” he added.

The CEO has said that the Indian government has already placed orders for these drones and said that this technology is the “need of the hour”.

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