Kashmiri Carpets To Adorn India’s New Parliament Building

India's new Parliament will be decorated by Kashmiri Carpets that are being worked upon in J&K Budgam district of the valley.

Kashmiri Carpets From J&K Budgam District To Adorn India’s New Parliament Building
Kashmiri Carpets From J&K Budgam District To Adorn India’s New Parliament Building (Photo: India Ahead Network)

New Delhi: As India heads toward erasing all its colonialist traces as appealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the newly designed Indian Parliament, which otherwise had a Lutyens architecture, will be adorned by Kashmiri Carpets that are being worked upon in Budgam district of the valley.

“It was in 2021 that an advertisement was floated where samples were asked to be submitted. Alhamdulillah, our samples were approved and we got to work on them,” Qammar Ali Khan owner of the facility in Khag village said.

He added at least 50 artisans from 18 families are working on this and it has been nearly 8 months since they took up the assignment. “We hope to complete in 10 to 15 days now,” he added.

(Photo: India Ahead Network)

Qammar said that nothing can be more prideful than this. He added that there was a downfall in this globally renowned industry and weavers barely would earn somewhere between rupees 180 to 220 a day. “However, today as this project is on, a weaver is earning at least six to seven hundred rupees a day.”

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Weavers say that the rates given to them for weaving this very carpet should be standardized. Almost all the carpets are of round shape with a variety of sizes. The diameter of the smallest carpet is four feet as per the weavers.

Handmade carpets are known in Kashmir as “Kal Baffi” and have been in making since the 15th century. The artisans have over time worked very meticulously to achieve perfection in designing the carpets.

(Photo: India Ahead Network)

Historically, Sultan Zain Ul Abidin who reigned Kashmir after his father is believed to have a productive and spiritual mindset. With the intent of preaching Islam, he reportedly also brought along with him artisans who taught the local people the art of weaving carpets. This was reportedly done to infuse a sense of productivity along with spirituality among the people of Kashmir. These carpets are supplied globally although Iranian and Turkish ones too have made a mark.

Meanwhile, the work on these carpets is being done on a war footing because of the government’s plans of conducting a winter session of parliament on the new premises. The Central Vista where these carpets will be put will see spending of Rs 20,000 crore over a period of two years. The Vice president’s office and new parliament building will be the first to be completed.

(Photo: India Ahead Network)

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In September 2019, the government announced a new parliament building that will have a seating capacity of 900 to 1,200 MPs. The common Central Secretariat is likely to be built by 2024 under the project that covers a 3-km stretch from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate in Delhi.