Kids 5 and Under Don’t Need Masks, Says Govt’s New Covid-19 Guidelines for Children

Kids 5 and Under Don’t Need Masks, Says Govt’s New Covid-19 Guidelines for Children Children will have separate covid care centres , said Karnataka Minister Shashikala Jolle on June 21, 2021. (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: In the latest Covid-19 management guidelines released by the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, the Centre has made mask noncompulsory for children who are 5 years old or less. The government on Wednesday evening released detailed guidelines for the management of Covid-19 among children in which Remdesivir has not been recommended and rational use of HRCT imaging has been suggested.

The guidelines clearly state that children aged 5 years and below, do not need to wear masks. For children who are aged 6-11 years, they can opt for face masks depending on the ability of the child and under the supervision of parents and guardians. For children who are 12 years and above, they have to wear masks mandatorily. Covid-19 hygiene must be maintained while handling masks, it added.

The guidelines issued by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) under the health ministry also said that steroids are harmful in asymptomatic and mild cases of infection.

The guidelines suggested rational use of High-resolution CT (HRCT) for seeing the extent and nature of lung involvement in patients with Covid-19.

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They said COVID-19 is a viral infection, and antimicrobials have no role in the prevention or treatment of uncomplicated COVID-19 infection. For asymptomatic and mild cases, the guidelines said antimicrobials are not recommended for therapy or prophylaxis while for moderate and severe cases antimicrobials should not be prescribed unless there is clinical suspicion of a superadded infection.

The guidelines have also enumerated directions for Mucormycosis, also known as ‘black fungus’. It added that black fungus infection spreads usually through inhalation of fungal spores present in dust/air and it is not contagious. It also informed that the infection usually occurs in the third week after the onset of Covid-19 symptoms. The government has also provided treatment guidelines for suspected and diagnosed cases of black fungus infection in children.

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