Mohali Blast: Canada-based Lakhbir Singh Landa Mastermind, Says Punjab Police; Arrests Six

Lakhbir Landa has been in touch with Harvinder Singh Rinda in Pakistan, both of whom are key conspirators in this attack. Some arrests are still waited.

Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) Viresh Kumar Bhawra addresses a press conference, in Chandigarh on Friday. (ANI Photo)

Chandigarh: The Punjab Police arrested six men in connection with the RPG explosion outside the state intelligence headquarters in Mohali on May 9. The mastermind of the terror attack has been identified as Lakhbir Singh Landa, who migrated to Canada from India in 2017. Landa has been in touch with Pakistan-based Harvinder Singh Rinda, both of whom are key conspirators in this attack.

Those arrested include Kanwar Baath, Baljeet Kaur, Baljinder Singh (Rambo), Jagdeep Kang, Nishaan Singh and Sonu, said DGP VK Bhawra in a press conference on Friday.

According to the police, Kanwar and Baljeet provided shelter to the two men who carried out the attack. Baljinder (Rambo) provided the AK-47 rifle to one Chadhat Singh, who hasn’t been arrested in the case yet. Chadhat and Jagdeep Kang were the ones who did the recce of the target area. Nishaan Singh provided logistical support as he ferried the RPG from the border and passed it on to the attackers, and Sonu, a relative of Nishaan did local ferrying of the accused in Amritsar and Tarn Taran.

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Two men — Mohammad Nasim Alam and Sharab Faiz — are still at large and their roles have not been clarified by the police.

The interrogation of the main accused, Nishaan Singh, at the state intelligence headquarters in Mohali led to the arrest of Kanwar Baath, Baljeet Kaur, and others, all of whom are from Tarn Taran.

These six suspects were allegedly involved in ferrying the RPG and the rocket launcher from the border and handed over the consignment to the attackers or giving shelter to them. A car that was used in transporting the RPG has also been seized from Tarn Taran.

Earlier, in January, the RPG was flown in via drone in two separate consignments on two different occasions in January and assembled here.

The terrorists had zeroed in on two buildings but the intelligence headquarters was chosen on the direction of their Pakistan handlers since it is located in the periphery, and one can quickly speed across to the neighbouring state in 15 minutes.

Some Punjab Police teams are in Uttar Pradesh to nab more suspects — the ones who drove the car to the intelligence headquarters and launched the RPG.

Another accused has been arrested by Punjab Police from Ambala. He has been identified as Jagdeep Singh.