Mundra Heroin Haul: Drug Lord In Faridkot Jail Ordered Contraband Via Malerkotla Conduit

Drug lord Buta in Faridkot jail, conduit Deepak Kingra & Tariq Ahmed in Dubai key men involved.

(Image for representation: pexels)

Chandigarh: The orders for recently confiscated 75-kg heroin worth Rs 350 crore at Mundra port were placed from Faridkot jail by a drug lord named Buta Khan aka Bagga Khan.

Buta used his friend Deepak Kingra as a conduit to procure the contraband. Kingra used the export license of a firm called Delight Impex a Sangrur-based firm to import the drug haul hidden in the large quantity of the fabric. The contraband was put up for sale after the deal was sealed by Dubai-based Tariq Ahmed. This was revealed during interrogation by the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad ATS by the owner of Delight Impex and Kingra.

Sources said, his involvement may also help crack the 3000-kg heroin haul case which was confiscated at Mundra port in September 2021.

Buta was running an international drug racket from Faridkot jail. He was in touch with drug lords in Afghanistan and Dubai. Strangely, it was Buta who had ordered the fabric from UAE, and the 75 kg contraband f heroin was supposed to be hidden in that fabric.

Buta Also Supplied 22-kg Heroin In January Through Himachal

This is the third such consignment of heroin ordered by Buta with Tariq Ahmed at the other end – the two consignments before this one were successfully distributed it has now come to light. One of them was a 22 kg heroin contraband worth Rs 110 crore and was routed through Himachal Pradesh to Saharanpur in the month of January this year. Another such contraband, the size of which is not known was also successfully delivered.

After the news broke out of the heroin haul confiscated at the Mundra port, Buta Singh was shifted to a high-security cell. Upon being frisked, it was found that he had a mobile phone without a sim. Sources said he destroyed the sim, the moment he came to know about the Mundra heroin haul confiscation.

Earlier, it came to light that the heroin seized at the Mundra port on Tuesday was booked by an agent in Jamalpur, Ludhiana for a Malerkotla-based businessman. The container was loaded at Jebel Ali port in UAE and was Punjab bound. From Punjab, the contraband was to be distributed to other parts of the region.

Sources said the Punjab Police got suspicious about the consignment since in the normal course India only exports raw fabric. In this case, after the information came that fabric in large quantity was being imported, raised many an eyebrow.

The network of these drug lords spread as far as Canada, Italy, Afghanistan, and Dubai. The last contraband which reached Amritsar from Mundra port was 200 kg of heroin in the year 2019. After the interrogation, it was found that a man called Simranjit Singh Sandhu based in Italy had sent the consignment. Sandhu is a PO against whom a red corner notice has been issued. However, at present, he is in jail in Italy. Apart from him, another suspect named Sunny Dyal who belongs to Dyal Rajputan village on India Pakistan border had organised contraband worth hundreds of crores in 2019 from Mundra Port as part of the consignment of salt and talcum powder. Dyal too is wanted by Punjab Police. Buta will also be interrogated about his links with Simranjit Singh Sandhu and Sunny Dyal.