Panch Pran: PM Modi Speaks Of 5 Points To Make India A Developed Nation In Next 25 Years

PM Modi said these points will serve as a source for India to turn it into a 'Shresth Bharat'.

PM Modi 75th Independence Day
PM Modi addresses the nation at the 75th Independence Day. (Image: DoordarshanNational)

New Delhi: After congratulating the nation on the 75th Independence Day of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of 5 points that he said Indians should keep in mind for the next 25 years, until free India turns 100.

PM Modi said these points will serve as a source for India to turn it into a ‘Shresth Bharat’.

Development Of Humanity

The first point highlighted by PM Modi was that India would go ahead with the aim of making India a more developed nation – a Viksit Bharat.

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Bondage-Free Ideology

The second point that he emphasized people to be focused on is that they should erase every ounce of the feeling of slavery in them. “Slavery had put shackles on our minds. Our thought process was consumed by it. If we see even a bit of a sign of slavery around us or in our perception towards us, we have to make sure that we are free from it,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Taking Pride In India’s Glorious Heritage

PM Modi, in his address, stated that we should be proud of our heritage. “It is the same heritage that once gave India its glory. It is the same heritage that has let go all the redundant regression and accepted all the novel innovation,” he said.

‘Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat’

The fourth point given by PM Modi is that Indian should work towards an integrated society where unity should be the primary concern. “The feeling of oneness among 130 crore people is very important for the notion of the Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat,” he said.

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Fulfilling Our Duties As Citizens Of India

The fifth point is the duty of the citizens of the country. “This does not exclude the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister. The two are also the citizens of the country,” he said, adding that to achieve our goals, this (sense of responsibility) is a very important source of strength.

“When there are big goals and dreams, there is an accumulation of strength in volumes. Remember the history, in the 1940s, the country had stood up… Some chose Satyagrah, and Kranti and some chose Sangarsh… the goal was bigger – Independence and with this we got Independent. Had the goal been smaller, we may still have been struggling,” said PM Modi.

“Some things have emanated from the success of individuals and nations and one of them is the dutifulness towards the. Beat individual social or national success, being dutiful is at the core of it,” said PM Modi.

Explaining the Panch Pran or the five promises of development, he added that experience tells us that if we once go ahead with the goal, we will hit our designated aims. “Be renewable energy, setting up new medical colleges…. In every sector, the speed of development is fast,” he said adding this should be our Praan as well as the Pran.

“How long will the world serve us the certificate? How long would we survive on this? Would we not make our own standards?” he said.

“At any cost, we do not need to strive to look like others. Our mindset should be that howsoever we may look, we should be able to stand with power. We need freedom from slavery. There should be no trace of slavery in the dept of our mind… I see the way the new education policy has been framed… it has taken into consideration the thoughts of every single citizen. This policy is attached to the ground,” he said.

He added that at times the talent of our nation gets ignored due to the hurdle of the language. “This is due to the mindset of slavery. We should be proud of each language of our country irrespective of the fact whether we can speak it or not…” he said.

Speaking out another vow, of being dutiful towards the nation, he said we need to be attached to the ground and only then we can fly.

PM Modi said about being proud of the heritage that it is in India’s heritage that we have we should peace and comfort for everyone. “We have a lot to give to the world like our (excellent) family values. When the world comes across problems like individual distress, they look up to yoga. Similarly, when they come across some social distress, they look up to the family values of India… We should learn to respect this heritage,” he said.

While speaking of the vow of unity, he said that all the rituals of the country r its pride. “There is no inferior superior. Everyone is equal. There’s no one stranger… This thought is very important for unity. We can perpetuate equality in our homes only when we consider our daughters and sons equal. If we do not consider them equal, we cannot ascend to realms of unity,” he said adding that gender equality is at the core of unity.

He said that to let unity prevail we all must adhere to the idea of India first.