PM Modi Birthday: Delhi Restaurant Launches ’56 Inch Narendra Modi Thali’

ARDOR 2.1 restaurant will be presenting the big-sized thali having 56 items with the customer having the choice of opting for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

56 inch Modi Ji Thali at Ardor 2.1 in Delhi. (Image: ANI)

New Delhi: To commemorate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17, a restaurant in Lutyens’ Delhi will be serving a 56-inch thali for 10 days, the restaurant owner said. Two lucky winners will also get a chance to visit the Kedarnath shrine as part of the scheme.

Ardor 2.1 restaurant, located in Connaught Place, is famous for its thalis, said its owner Suveett Kalra. “We are huge fans of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Our restaurant is known for its thalis. The 56-inch thali is an assimilation of 56 dishes culminated into a single thali. It is to commemorate his birthday and to honour what he has done for the country and its citizens,” Kalra told PTI.

Kalra added that out of those who will be eating the thali between September 17 to September 26, two winners will be chosen and they will get a chance to go on a free trip to Kedarnath, which according to Kalra, is one of the favourite places of Modi. “The thali will also be giving joy to a family by arranging their visit to the Kedarnath shrine. I feel this will make personally make Modiji really happy,” he added.

The thali will have 20 different kinds of sabzis, various kinds of breads, dal and gulab jamun, with a choice of kulfi also. “The thali has 56 dishes from north India. The lunch Vegetarian thali is for Rs 2,600 plus taxes while the Non-veg thali is priced at Rs 2,900 plus taxes. The dinner thalis are priced at Rs 300 extra per thali,” he shared.

Kalra added that if any one of the two people who have come together, finishes the thali in 40 minutes, they will be awarded Rs 8.5 lakh. The restaurant also plans to launch an ‘Inflation/Recession Thali’ soon. “There is a lot of talk about it. Inflation has increased and it is our request to PM Modi to reduce it. The thali will be launched in a span of 10 days. We are still curating it and it will be a surprise,” he said. The restaurant also serves the ‘Pushpa Thali’ and ‘Baahubali Thali’.

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