Punjabi-origin Gangsters Bossing Canadian Drug & Contract Killer Gangs

Gangster Dhaliwal’s killers Sahota & Khahk part of UN gang; Brothers Keepers, Red Scorpion & Dhak Dhuhre gangs also have Punjabi link

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Chandigarh: The recent killing of Punjabi-origin gangsters Meninder Dhaliwal and his friend Satinder Gill in Canada has brought into focus something unheard of hitherto – Punjabis also control gangs involved in murder, extortion, bank robberies in Canada. Further, it has come to light that the British Columbia province of Canada is the hub of Punjabi gangsters.

Dhaliwal who was shot dead at Whistlers near Vancouver in British Columbia on July 24 belonged to the Brothers Keepers gang.

Brothers Keepers gang mostly operates in Abbotsford in Vancouver, Canada. Two days after Dhaliwal and Gill were killed, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested the suspects, identified as Gursimran Sahota and Tanvir Khakh.

Notably, Sahota and Khakh belong to the United Nations gang, also operating out of Vancouver. But the entire British Columbia in Canada is infested with the gang culture that dates back to at least two decades.

And the uncanny similarity between the gang culture which surfaced in Canada and Punjab is that it roughly dates back to the beginning of the year 2000, and at the centre of these gangs is drug addiction and huge drug money.

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Brothers Keepers Gang

It was founded by Gavinder Singh Grewal, roughly about 20 years ago. Grewal was part of the extortion racket in Abottsford in Vancouver. The gang members have ‘Brothers Keeper’ tattooed on their chest in Roman script or ‘Nirbhau’ which means fearless in Gurmukhi.

Till 2010, Brothers Keepers was a gang that operated to control drugs in Abbotsford. The killing of a single mom, Mandy Johnson, on July 28, 2010, in Abbotsford made Gavinder a wanted gangster. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police now wanted him badly. Seven years later, on December 23, 2017, Grewal was shot dead by a rival gang member.

Later, his brother Manbir Singh Grewal was also killed in a gang war. And in 2019, his elder brother Mandeep Singh Grewal too was shot dead in South Fraser Way, Abbotsford. Mandeep had nothing to do with his brother’s gang activities but was killed as retribution for the crimes committed by Gavinder.

Merger Of Red Scorpions Into Brothers Keepers

Earlier, most of the members of the Brothers Keepers gang were part of the Red Scorpions, another gang active in Vancouver. However, due to differences between the gang members, the two gangs went their own way. Later, the Brothers Keepers targeted the remaining Red Scorpion members across British Columbia. The Red Scorpions either fled or went into hiding to surface later or became part of Brothers Keepers.

United Nations Gang

Those nabbed in the killing of Dhaliwal and Gill are Gursimran Sahota and Tanvir Khakh, both are believed to be members of the United Nations gang. Originally, this gang was started in the name of the Dhak-Duhre gang and was led by Sandip Singh Duhre, Gurmit Singh Dhak and Sukhveer Singh Dhak. Ever since, they have been killed. Later, the UN gang became part of the Dhak-Duhre gang. However, the name United Nations gang remained in currency after the three brothers were killed.

The founder of the UN gang was Clayton Roueche, who established the gang in 1997. But later it expanded to other parts of Canada. And it adopted a hierarchy of military ranks – so each province has a Commander who chooses Generals for each city. This method keeps the high-ranked members of the organisation discreet from the police. Sometimes the hitmen of the gang do not know their commanders. When it began, the UN gang members had to learn Thai Kickboxing and had to take 36 oaths, and drink a bowl of rooster’s blood.

Dhak-Duhre Gang

Dhak gang and Duhre gang were two separate gangs that wanted to take control of the drugs business in Abbotsford, British Columbia. To grow, the two gangs which had a Punjab connection and came from two Punjabi families, the Dhak family and the Duhre family, became one. And thus, was formed the Dhak-Duhre gang.

It was Gurmeet Singh Dhak’s killing in October 2010, that led to decade-long gang rivalry. This gang rivalry has raged across British Columbia and has left many dead since then. Dhak’s killing wasn’t just seen as killing of a man of Punjabi ethnicity. Three former Dhak gang members – all whites – Jason McBride, Michael Jones, and Jujhar Khun-Khun had killed Red Scorpion gang member Jonathan Bacon in August 2011, to avenge Dhak’s killing.

Dhak-Duhre gang had complete control over the drug supply in the Fraser Valley of Abbotsford since 2010, till Sandip Singh Duhre aka Dip was also eliminated in January 2012. After that Dhak-Dhuhre for all practical purposes merged into the United Nations gang.

Red Scorpions

The Red Scorpions was formed in 2000, by Quang Vinh Thang Le aka Michael Lee, Tejinder Malli, Koonam Shirzad and Mathew Johnston.

Tejinder Malli, a man of Punjab origin, was an important gang member of the Red Scorpions. He was killed in March 2014 after a long stint in the world of drugs and other related crimes, most of which was to achieve supremacy in the drug world.

The gang was named so as a tribute to the older brother of Lee who was killed and his nickname was “Scorpion”. The word Red means blood.

The members of the gang can be identified by “RS” tattoos on their arms which stands for Red Scorpion. The number of skull tattoos on the right arm indicates the number of people killed. Red Scorpions come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Loyalty to them is bigger than race or ethnicity.