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Senior NDTV Journalist Kamal Khan Dies Due To Heart Attack

NDTV's veteran journalist Kamal Khan. (Courtesy: Rajdeep Sardesai/Twitter)

New Delhi: Senior journalist Kamal Khan who headed the Lucknow bureau for the news channel NDTV passed away on Friday after suffering a heart attack. The veteran journalist breathed his last at his residence in Lucknow as per the channel.

“Today, a devastating, irreplaceable loss for the NDTV family, the heart of our Lucknow bureau, veteran journalist Kamal Khan died unexpectedly this morning . Kamal’s reportage over the last decades stood out for its perceptiveness, integrity & the way he delivered hard truths with poetic dexterity. Most of all, he was a wonderful human being, who touched the lives of all those who knew him. Our sincerest condolences to his family and prayers for his departed soul, ” NDTV said in its statement mourning his untimely death.

Kamal Khan was married to journalist Ruchi Kumar and lived with his family at Butler Palace, Lucknow. He breathed his last there during the early hours of Friday. He was first taken to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead.

Soon after his death, condolences from various fellow journalists began to pour in expressing their shock and grief for Khan’s family.

India Ahead’s Editor-In-Chief, Bhupendra Chaubey expressed shock adding that it feels like a personal loss to him. “The sudden demise of Kamal Khan has been a personal loss to me. While I won’t say that he was a close friend, but he was certainly one of those who had become a permanent fixture for me in course of my innumerable trips to Lucknow.

I first met Kamal way back in 2001 when I was covering my first UP assembly election for NDTV. Media landscape was vastly different, there was lesser bigotry and most certainly lesser fake news. WhatsApp didn’t exist and Twitter / Facebook were unheard of entities. I would travel extensively across the state and file reports from every nook and corner. Kamal would keep in touch with me and keep offering me the odd tips about various constituencies. He also had a knack for pointing you in the direction of best eateries in the state. We would often run into each other in Varanasi post the ascendancy of Narendra Modi nationally. There he would always enquire if I knew more about the place given that it was my home town.”

Bhupendra also reminisced about the time when Kamal Khan and he were reporting on Ram Janmabhoomi issue and how his reporting depth was not limited to the debate.

“My ever lasting memory of being with Kamal Khan was sometime between 2002–2005 in Ayodhya. I think I was still in NDTV. The Ram Janmabhoomi debate would keep getting heated up regularly. I was there on the ground reporting. Kamal and I were at different locations though in same area. After a few hours, I noticed that Kamal wasn’t to be seen anywhere. I called him on his mobile, he didn’t pick it up. I let it be at that. After a while , I finally did manage to locate him. I asked him where was he? He responded “zara PTC (piece to camera) likh rahe the. Bahut se khayal dimaag mei aa rahe the, to bus kuch kitabon ko consult kar rahe the“. His lyrical / poetic piece to cameras is what would go onto get him a golden place in the annals of broadcast journalism in India. Rest in peace Kamal. You served the country and this profession well.”

Rajdeep Sardesai also tweeted and said,” Terribly sad news to report this morning. Kamal Khan, NDTV’s fine reporter from Lucknow and a dear dear friend passed away this morning. I will miss you dearly my friend and our long chats. Lots of memories! Devastated. Om shanti”

NDTV’s Suparna Singh also expressed her shock at the sudden demise of a fellow journalist, “A superb reporter and an even better human being. Helped anyone who asked – and many who didn’t. Forever in our hearts. Kamal Khan”

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Samajwadi Party leader Mayawati also shared her condolences and said, “tweeted, “The news of the sudden demise of Kamal Khan, a well-known and eminent TV journalist associated with NDTV, is very sad and irreparable loss to the journalism world. My deepest condolences to his family and all his loved ones. May nature give everyone the strength to bear this sorrow, wishing from such a nature.”

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