There’s Threat To My Life, I Don’t Know From Who: Sippy Sidhu told HC Judge’s Daughter In Email Before Being Killed

The relationship turned sour Feb, 2015 onwards when Kalyani and Sippy started accusing eachother of cheating.

Sukhmanpreet Singh Sippy (Image: ANI/File)

Chandigarh: Weeks before he was actually killed about seven years ago, a crime which still remains a whodunit and where a key suspect is the daughter of a sitting high court judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court lawyer Sukhmanpreet Singh Sidhu alias Sippy Sidhu had talked about having received a threat to his life.

He had, ironically, apprised Kalyani Singh, the same young who was his long-time girlfriend and is now under arrest while the CBI tries to connect the dots, about the death threats.

Emails and WhatsApp chats between the deceased and the suspect, which the CBI recovered from deceased Sippy Sidhu’s phone and which India Ahead has now accessed, reveal that Sippy had purportedly received a threat to his life and that he had discussed it with Kalyani, who was his long-time girlfriend.

The same chats reveal that during sour moments, Sippy Sidhu and Kalyani used to have a heated exchange of words, both accusing the other of being in a physical relationship with someone else.

The accused in the Sippy Sidhu murder case Kalyani is the daughter of Himachal High Court judge Justice Sabina. Sippy Sidhu was killed in a park in Sector 27, Chandigarh on the night of September 20, 2015. The CBI is investigating the Sippy Sidhu murder case in which his girlfriend Kalyani Singh is accused and is currently in jail.

The two were in correspondence till September 15, 2015, which is just about five days before Sippy’s murder. There were many email and WhatsApp exchanges between the two in their seven-year-old relationship.

But the more crucial ones were towards the end. Sippy discussed with Kalyani about threat to his life

In one of the emails written on August 17, 2015, Sippy Sidhu wrote to Kalyani, that he has a threat to his life. In the same email, he is pestering her to forgive him. The words he uses are, “I love u and want to be with u (sic).” In the next sentence he wrote, “Please forgive me. I love u. Plz meet me once (sic).”

According to Sartej Narula, Kalyani’s lawyer, on the same day, Kalyani’s purported question to Sippy through email is about his security concerns: “Have you met the DGP? Get the matter investigated. Go to the bottom of this. Who sent them. Trace the owner of the car. Get hold of him. Everything will come out. Please be safe Sippy.”

Sippy apprises Kalyani about the security cover that has been provided to him and his purported meeting with the DGP. This conversation also takes place through email on the same day.

On August 18, 2015, Sippy Sidhu purportedly wrote another mail seeking forgiveness.

On September 13, 2015, a message was received on an iPhone which was found in the possession of Kalyani “a garbage-free life.” This message was from a man known to Kalyani. A day later, was Kalyani’s last email contact with Sippy Sidhu.

Kalyani and Sippy accuse each other of cheating

The relationship had started turning sour much before that. On February 2, 2015, Kalyani purportedly sent a WhatsApp message to Sippy Sidhu: “You know you just stay with that bh you m o*t with. It was so important for you,” — an accusation by Kalyani that Sippy may have been in a relationship with someone else.

Notably, Sippy and her family had also accused Kalyani of being in a relationship with someone else, a big reason why they refused a marriage proposal from Kalyani’s parents.

On April 28, 2015, Sippy allegedly sent objectionable pictures of Kalyani with a ‘relative’ of hers. On the same day, he sent another picture of Kalyani in a ‘compromising position’ as per the CBI report.

Kalyani stops being in touch with Sippy on emails

The CBI investigations suggest though Kalyani was not in touch with Sippy Sidhu by the email or phone after September 15, 2015, five days before he was killed, she confronted Sidhu in his office and shouted quite loud at him on September 19, 2015, while Sippy Sidhu tried to pacify her. This was one day before Sippy was killed.

On September 20, Sippy was killed in a park in Sector 27. Accused Kalyani’s family has said that they were at a birthday party at Sector 10, Chandigarh between 8:20 pm and 11:00 pm. Kalyani’s polygraph test, however, revealed that on the question of her presence at the birthday party and her presence at the park in Sector 27 where Sippy was shot dead, her response was found to be suspicious.

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