Video Claiming ‘Mock Drill Death’ Due to Oxygen Supply Cut at Agra Hospital Goes Viral, DM Orders Probe

Video Claiming ‘Mock Drill Death’ Due to Oxygen Supply Cut at Agra Hospital Goes Viral, DM Orders Probe Agra DM Prabhu N Singh addressing the media over Paras Hospital case Credits: Prabhu N Singh Twitter

New Delhi: Agra’s Paras Hospital is under investigation after a video went viral in which a person is heard claiming that some patients died due to a mock drill during which their oxygen supply was cut.

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh on Tuesday (June 9) stated that the administration has received complaints that there were issues with providing oxygen at Paras Hospital.

“Inquiry is underway, we will let you know once the investigation is completed,” he told news agency ANI.

Agra District Magistrate Parbhu N Singh had on Monday ordered a preliminary inquiry after the video surfaced online in which Paras Hospital owner was allegedly heard claiming that “he cut off the oxygen supply for five minutes”.

While taking cognizance of the video, Singh also stated that government records of death at the Paras Hospital show that the death figures being quoted in the alleged video are untrue.

“There were only four deaths in Paras Hospital on April 26 and three deaths on April 27 which proves that the claim of 22 deaths is untrue. However, there is a video which is being shared on the social media regarding the same which will be analysed and based on the results further action will be taken,” asserted Singh.

In the video, which is being circulated online, the owner of Paras Hospital Dr Arinjay Jain, whose face is not visible, is allegedly heard telling people that he had to cut the oxygen supply, as the stock could last only till the next morning.

He also allegedly claimed in the video that no one took any action despite a notice by the hospital to the relatives of the patients to take them to some other hospital due to the shortage of oxygen.

“We did a mock drill at 7 in the morning which no one knew about,” Dr Jain said in the alleged video.

The DM also said that Agra had suffered from oxygen shortage for only 48 hours after which a combined effort from private players, volunteers, state government, and the Indian Air Force helped them in taking care of the crisis.

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