What Are Exit Polls? All You Need To Know

An exit poll is a poll of voters taken just after they exit the polling station.

Image shows polling officer marking a finger of a voter with indelible ink. (Representative Image)(Source: PTI File)

New Delhi: As soon as voting for the seventh and final phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections concludes at 6 pm on March 7, all eyes will be focussed on exit polls that could possibly hold a clue to people’s mood in the five poll-bound states. 

Several agencies and news organisations will come up with their exit polls soon after the voting ends. However, it is important to note that exit polls figures are always not on point and their accuracy can only be gauged on the counting day. The results for this Assembly elections will be declared on March 10, 2022. 

What is an Exit Poll?

An exit poll is a poll of voters taken just after they exit the polling station.

Well-conducted and analysed exit poll data can be an accurate prediction of the final poll results. An exit poll is basically an assumption based on science. Exit polls are the opinions of the electorate that are often taken after voters have cast their votes. These polls aim to predict the final result on the basis of the information collected from the voters outside their polling booths.

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A pollster usually questions voters about which political party he or she might have voted for and the reason behind choosing that particular party. Based on the information provided by the voter, an assumption or more appropriately a prediction is made about which political party is likely to register a win.

Interestingly, experts believe that exit polls are often taken with a pinch of salt. However, exit polls often give an idea before the final results of who is going to form the government.

Difference Between Exit polls and Opinion polls

The prime difference between exit polls and opinion polls is that exit polls are surveys based on information provided by the voters after they cast their votes, while opinion polls are generally conducted before the election asking people questions about their opinion on who is likely to win an election.

Exit polls: When & Where to watch

According to the Election Commission of India directives, the exit poll findings can only be released after the conclusion of voting in all the states that go to the polls simultaneously.

This means that the exit polls will be released only after 7 pm today, i.e., March 7 after the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election concludes its final phase voting today. 

The exit polls will be broadcasted on multiple news channels. You can also watch LIVE exit poll on our Channel India Ahead. To watch, click here

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