Youth Killed For Chewing Tobacco Near Golden Temple In Amritsar, 2 Nihangs Among 3 Accused

The Nihangs are absconding while an onlooker who too attacked the deceased has been arrested.

Golden Temple
Sewadar (servicemen) stand holding the spears during rainfall, at Golden Temple, in Amritsar on Wednesday. (ANI Photo)

Chandigarh: A youth has been hacked to death at Kahian wala Bazar near Golden Temple in Amritsar by two Nihangs and an onlooker. The incident took place on the intervening night of September 7 and September 8, that is, yesternight in the wee hours. The deceased, identified as Harmanjit Singh, was killed because he was allegedly chewing tobacco near the temple and was drunk.

Nihangs are the orders of the Sikh warriors who wear blue robes and belong to the army of Guru Gobind Singh.

The Commissioner of Police at Amritsar, Arun Pal Singh, confirmed that the youth was killed after an argument took place over him chewing tobacco.

Sources said that after the attack on the youth, he kept lying there the entire night. It was only in the early morning that he was taken to the hospital by police.

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While the two Nihangs are absconding, the onlooker youth who too attacked the deceased has been arrested. He has been identified as Ramandeep Singh.

Ramandeep Singh said that he was an onlooker and found that the victim initially was proving to be stronger and was able to overpower the Nihangs.

The deceased youth was reportedly even successful in snatching the kirpan of one of the Nihangs. That is when this onlooker named Ramandeep Singh, in order to help the Nihangs, also joined and dealt a fatal blow to the body of the youth who later succumbed to his injuries.

The CCTV footage too suggests that the deceased youth, Harmanjit, fought with the Nihangs for close to a minute. But after Ramandeep joined the Nihangs, Harmanjit was overpowered.

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