Prima Facie Investigation Finds Sexual Assault Charges Against Actor Vijay Babu To Be True: Police

Further details can only be obtained through questioning Babu in custody, for which a look out notice was issued earlier in the day, said Ernakulam City Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju.

File Photo of Actor Vijay Babu (Photo: Instagram/actor_vijaybabu)

ERNAKULAM City Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju on Thursday confirmed to India Ahead that the prima facie investigation by Kerala police has found the sexual assault allegations levelled against actor-producer Vijay Babu to be true.

A case was registered against Vijay Babu in Kerala’s Ernakulam district on April 22 for allegedly sexually assaulting an actress multiple times over the last one-and-a-half months. Following the registration of the case, Babu, who is currently absconding, took to Facebook live to claim his innocence. He also went on to reveal the name of the survivor, which is in clear violation of the law.

“Through our initial round of investigations over the last one week, we have found that the allegations against the actor-producer are correct and that there is indeed an exploitative angle in this case,” said Nagaraju IPS, who went on to add that further details can only be obtained through questioning Babu in custody, for which a look out notice was issued earlier in the day.

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The police commissioner also said that they are taking into consideration the fears of the survivor regarding the case. “We have taken measures to ensure that the survivor is given complete protection by the police. She has nothing to fear and if she or any of the witnesses in the case is being threatened, the case will take a more serious turn and will be dealt with seriously,” added the IPS officer.

A Facebook page named ‘Women Against Sexual Harassment, on Wednesday, carried the statement of the survivor, in which she accused Babu of raping her multiple times over the past month after forcing her into a state of intoxication. She said that she has known Babu for years, during which the latter gained her trust due to his friendly behaviour and the guidance he provided her in the film industry. She further added that Babu behaved like her “saviour” in her personal and professional problems, under the guise of which he sexually exploited her.

Babu is the founder of film production company Friday Film House and has six films produced under his company. He has also acted in several films that have gone on to do well at the box office.

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