These Bizarre Ice Cream Recipes Will Make You Question Your Love For Them. Third Will Shock You!

For the last few years, street vendors have given their spin-off to the iconic dishes like 'Chowmein Golgappa', 'Maggie Milkshake', 'Rasgulla Rolls' to name a few. Guess what? Even our beloved ice cream has different avatars.

A day without ice cream is a day wasted. Yes, even in winters. For Indians (I guess, for everyone), ice cream has always been at the periphery, in the background or sometimes in the middle of a lot of happy memories. Every scoop of classic flavours like the chocolate chip, vanilla, orange, mango or pineapple trigger a different memory. But do we enjoy their fusions as much as their original creation?

How about having some masala dosa ice cream roll for a change? If that doesn’t make you either crave or cringe, what about an ice cream made out of betel leaf? Yes, don’t be stunned, people are literally having it. For the last few years, street vendors have given their spin-off to the iconic dishes like ‘Chowmein Golgappa’, ‘Maggie Milkshake’, ‘Rasgulla Rolls’ to name a few. Guess what? Even our beloved ice cream has different avatars that are openly sold to customers without them getting beaten up (which they actually deserve :/)

While some fusion versions have impressed netizens, others left social media disgusted. Here’s a look at the top 5 viral and bizarre ice cream fusions that will leave you in splits.

1. Masala Dosa Ice Cream Roll

Masala dosa, one of the most popular dishes from South India, has been mixed with ice cream. A recent video shared by thegreatindianfoodie on Instagram tops the list of weird ice cream combinations. In the video, the chef can be seen taking the central portion of the dosa, chopping it into small pieces and adding a big chunk of ice cream on top of it. The chef then adds some ingredients and makes a paste out of it. The craziness does not stop here as the ice cream is garnished with Dosa toppings, spicy chutney and Sambar. The video has garnered more than 21k likes. Netizens are now wondering why anyone would try such a combination.

2. Mirchi Ice Cream Roll

Who thought of singing “Hay Hay Mirchi, Uff Uff Mirchi” while eating an ice cream? Well, after seeing this video you certainly will. A video of ‘Jhannat Mirchi Ice Cream Roll’ surfaced online in December 2021, leaving internet users appalled. As the name suggests, the ice cream roll was made spicy. The video shows the street vendor, who first cuts green chilies and adds Nutella. Later, milk is added to make a mixture. The mixture is put inside a freezer and made into rolls. At the end, the chef adds chilly pieces over the rolls for garnishing. The video was posted by a YouTube Channel named Spoons of Indore 2.0 and has garnered over 10M views and 523k likes till now. While some viewers were furious, others joked about it. One comment stood out from the crowd which said- “We seriously need Food Abuse Control Bureau of India (FACBI)” after seeing the bizarre video.

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3. Pani-Puri Ice Cream

The love for pani puri in India knows no bounds. Known for its tangy water and spicy stuffings, the bizarre concoction includes a puri neatly placed at the centre of the ice cream. The dish went viral when a food blogger from Bengaluru tried the ‘Pani-Puri ice cream‘ which triggered truckloads of weird reactions on social media. According to the food blogger Anjali Dhingra, the weird combo tasted like “khatta imli ka ice cream”. Dhingra also claimed that “it is not that bad”. While some Instagram users loved the video, others thought that this was definitely a weird combination. The video has surpassed 310k views and has got over 15k likes.

4. ‘24K Gold’ Ice Cream

While popular sweets like Kaju Katli, Besan Ke Laddu, Gulab Jamun are often covered in silver foil, a cafe in Hyderabad is serving ice cream wrapped in gold foil. The ice cream named as the ‘Mini Midas’, comes at the price of Rs 500 without taxes. A video of the preparation of this ice cream was posted by food blogger Abhinav Jeswani. The clip shows a shopkeeper adding some ice cream to a chocolate cone. Then, he covers it with a sheet of gold and tops it with a few cherries. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has received more than 4.3 million views and 313k likes. Many have even made fun of the expensive price of this ice cream. Some users commented expressing concerns over having a gold foil over their ice cream.

5. Chocolate Paan Ice Cream Roll

The love for paan is evergreen. Finishing a meal with paan is an age-old tradition that Indians follow till date. But one food enthusiast took a step further in the fusion world and decided to mix the two fusion paan dishes- chocolate paan and paan ice cream to get a dessert that is beyond our imagination. The viral video posted on thefoodieshub shows a vendor adding gulkand, betel leaf and liquid chocolate ice cream to an ice pan. He then works his magic by cutting through the mixture and creating an ice cream roll. The shopkeeper then adds some more gulkand on top of the freshly prepared rolls. The video has garnered more than 85k likes.