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What is Dalgona Candy? And Why Has It Taken The Internet By Storm?

After Dalgona Coffee became a top trend in 2020, the latest in online fad is the Dalgona Candy. 

Dalgona candy, a Korean sweet, that has now become a rage.

AFTER Dalgona Coffee became a top trend in 2020, the latest in online fad is the Dalgona Candy. 

For the uninitiated, the candy has risen to fame after being featured in the latest Netflix sensation Squid Game. The show that follows debt-stricken people compete in children’s games to win a handsome sum of money, is slated to become Netflix’s most popular show

The games include Red Light, Green Light, Dalgona Candy Challenge, Tug of War and others. Only there is a bloodthirsty twist to it. Elimination, losing or breaking of rules in the games end in participants being brutally killed.

In the Dalgona Candy challenge, the participants are given candies with shapes embossed on them that have to be cut out with a needle, without breaking the shape. If the contestant fails the contest, he/she is killed. Since the show’s premiere two weeks ago, Dalgona Candy has become quite a rage online. 

Dalgona, which means “honeycomb toffee” in Korean, is a brittle sugar candy with a sponge-like texture. It’s usually made of only two ingredients – sugar and baking soda. Typically sold on sticks as lollipops, they’re priced at 2000 won or Rs 125. 

Netizens have quickly gotten around to trying to make the candy themselves. Twitter and Instagram were abuzz with several trying their best at recreating the sweet.

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According to a Reuters report, the seller who supplied the candy for the show, has seen a huge surge in demand. Thirty seven-year-old An Yong-hui has been making the candy for the past eight years and supplied 700 candies for the show. 

After the show became immensely popular, An hasn’t been able to go home for a week in order to meet the demand from eager Squid Game fans that start queuing up outside his two-square-metre street kitchen at 11 am.

He now sells more than 500 dalgonas a day from less than 200 before the show’s premiere.

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The Netflix original series, Squid Game, released on September 17 and is presently ranked #1 on the streaming platform.

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