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Amid An Unprecedented Human Crisis, This Election Result Means Nothing

All in all, May 2 would have been a blockbuster edition. However so overwhelming is the present Coronavirus situation in India, that this election doesn’t seem important enough, even to discuss.

Large number of polling officials, not adhering to social distancing norms, at an election material distribution centre counter, amid countrywide spike in Covid-19 cases on the eve of 8th phase of West Bengal Assembly Elections in Kolkata, Wednesday, April 28, 2021. (PTI Photo/Swapan Mahapatra)

Elections are an essential part of a democracy’s life. In India, elections come with drama. With social media, the tech savvy voter has become an even more engaged participant in the election jamboree.

We all look forward to the election results for different reasons and 2 May would have been no different.

The Modi -Shah Juggernaut taking on Didi in a state where the BJP has never been in power, and, if it won, would create history. In Assam, where BJP appears poised for victory, the battle is between two claimants of the Chief Minister’s chair, the flamboyant Himanta Biswa Sharma or the quiet yet diligent sitting Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal. In Tamil Nadu, it will be the first election after the passing of legendary rivals J. Jayalalitha and M. Karunanidhi. His son, M.K. Stalin, who had been DMK’s youth president for nearly 40 years, is expected to come of age at 68. In Kerala, the Left is expected to return to power, setting a new precedent by holding onto power despite the presence of Congress Party scion Rahul Gandhi actively campaigning in the state. All in all, May 2 would have been a blockbuster edition of the election results.

However so overwhelming is the Covid-19 catastrophe in India, discussing this election doesn’t seem important. The second wave has been brutal. No one has remained immune to the devastation it has caused in lives of people. People, young and old, known and anonymous, have fallen to this disease.

As I write this short piece – I have had to abandon it six times for #SOS calls, oxygen, ICU beds, injections. It’s a never ending cycle of desperation.

We are living through a tragic moment in human history, one that will leave us changed. Never has life seemed more fleeting and never has politics and its conflicts appeared more futile.

Advaita Kala is a Consulting Editor with India Ahead News. The views expressed in this opinion piece are those of the author.

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