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Ctrl+Alt+Del: Ousted by Uncle Paras, Chirag Paswan Presses Reboot Button With Bihar Tour

Chirag has not minced words in criticizing Nitish Kumar ever since the party decided to go solo in the elections. Now after the Coup he continues with the rigid posturing against Nitish.

LJP leader Chirag Paswan is on a state wide tour of Bihar for the past month (Source: Chirag Paswan Twitter)

New Delhi: The self-proclaimed ‘Hanuman’ of the BJP knows that he has been dumped and that he has to start again from scratch. The adamant posturing of Chirag Paswan prior to the 2020 assembly elections and the subsequent inability to foresee the storm coming has put him in a catch 22 situation.

He has been looking towards the BJP for support but the BJP conveniently prefers to look the other way as favouring him would mean choosing between Nitish Kumar and Chirag.

So now as the BJP looks the other way and possibly making it clear that the rebel faction (led by Pashupati Paras) is more acceptable, Chirag knows it well that he will have to start from scratch.

LJP leader Chirag Paswan meeting people during the state wide tour of Bihar (Source: Chirag Paswan Twitter)

Chirag did try to play the emotive card with Aashirwad Yatra starting from the Karma Bhumi of his father Ram Vilas Paswan, Hajipur. Those in the party who preferred to remain on the side of Chirag are meticulously working on the grassroots plan of action for Chirag.

And as part of the strategy which more or less translates to starting from scratch, Chirag decided to visit the families of those who allegedly died in the Hooch tragedy in Betia. Chirag’s meet with the family members of the “hooch Tragedy” is designed to address the mahadalit section of the society which seems to have been hit hard by the prohibitory laws in the state.

Even Hindustani Awam Morcha supremo Jeetan Ram Manjhi has been vocal and critical of the prohibitory laws in the state and has time and again demanded a review of the same.

Chirag Paswan addressing media at his residence on July 18, 2021 (Source: Chirag Paswan Twitter)

The intent of Manjhi and Chirag is to address the section which has been hit hard by the prohibitory laws and as both have tried to project that while a parallel economy exists in the state it’s just the poor who have been jailed.

Chirag has not minced words in criticizing Nitish Kumar ever since the party decided to go solo in the elections. Now after the Coup, he continues with the rigid posturing against Nitish. Earlier he tried to rake up the issue of Bihar first Bihari First which possibly had a detachment and failed to generate the desired traction for the LJP in 2020 assembly elections.

Chirag however kept flanking the poor performance of JDU in the 2020 assembly elections as his victory but failed to move beyond the rhetoric of Anti-Nitish.

Chirag Paswan interacting with supporters in Darbhanga, Bihar on July 17, 2021 (Source: Chirag Paswan Twitter)

He may have managed to make a dent into the vote bank of Nitish and may have eventually reduced the JDU to a distant third position in the state, but the harm to JDU did no good to the LJP either.

Rather Chirag was repaid back in the same coin and all the MPs including his own uncle and the lone MLA deserted him. Chirag however managed to garner emboldening support from a vast majority of the party workers. These committed workers want Chirag to hit the roads. That boils down to starting from scratch and hit the reboot button.

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