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A Raja Trying To Create Trouble For MK Stalin By Raking Up Separate Tamil Nadu Issue: Analysts

Political analyst S Muralidhara alleges that A Raja is trying to create trouble for Chief Minister MK Stalin by targeting the Centre as he faces a political threat from Stalin's son Udhayanidhi.

New Delhi: DMK leader A Raja sparked a controversy on Monday with his remarks on a separate Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiris MP was speaking at a conference for DMK’s local body representatives in Namakkal district, when he warned the BJP-led Centre to not force the Dravidian party to revive its demand for a ‘separate Tamil Nadu’ by denying its autonomy.

Speaking to India Ahead Editor-in-chief Bhupendra Chaubey, political analyst S Muralidhara says A Raja is trying to create trouble for Chief Minister MK Stalin by targeting the Centre as he faces a political threat from Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi.

Raja was addressing the conference on the topic, ‘Autonomy for States, Federalism in Centre’, where he said that the DMK will continue its fight till Tamil Nadu gets state autonomy.

Reacting to Raja’s statement, Muralidharan says, “The main reason why DMK is talking so much about federalism and more rights to the state is that BJP has somehow stopped many of their avenues of earning revenues.”

Citing examples of how the Tamil Nadu government has lost its sources of making money, he says, “For example, the Vice Chancellor post in every university used to be sold in crores, upto Rs 6 crore of Anna University. Now, the Governor is the Chancellor and he is handling everything. He is dominating the Vice Chancellor now.”

Talking about NEET, he says, “They used to mint money. Every student used to be charged from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 2 crore. Most of the MLAs were given three-four seats and wherever they could mint money, they did. Charged up to 2 crore and sold those seats. Now, the NEET has plugged that.”

Educationist Umayorubhagan says, “I endorse with the statement of S Muralidharan. It is not stopping the revenue to the state, it is stopping the revenue to the party and some individuals in the government.”

Talking about the secessionist ideas being spread by Raja and Catholic priest Jegath Gaspar Raj, he further says, “I smell a conspiracy to instigate people to demand for a separate state.”

Meanwhile, dismissing A Raja’s statements as attempts to hog the limelight at an event attended by Stalin, BJP Councillor Uma Anandan says, “First understand, if DMK talks of patriotism, nationalism, that should become a topic of discussion for all of us. I don’t think we should make this a debating topic because this is what DMK has been doing for so many decades.”

Lawyer C Rajashekharan says, “DMK is known for its Tamil linguistic issues, state autonomy and independence — all this they have been doing since 1967, and they are successful.”