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Link Between DVAC searches and MK Stalin’s Election speeches: Tamil Nadu bJP

After the DMK-Congress alliance came to power several raids has been carried out by the DVAC on AIADMK leaders who held ministries or official positions in the previous government.

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin (PTI Photo)

The Tamil Nadu BJP on Thursday alleged that there was a [ettern in the raids carried out by the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) on former AIADMK ministers. State BJP President K Annamalai said that though he does not cast aspersions on the DVAC officials, the raids are being carried out with political motivation.

“Ostensibly, the searches at the residences of former AIADMK ministers are being carried out for political reasons. Even the public are aware of this political vendetta,” he told reporters when sought for his comments.

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Annamalai said that the speeches that were given by now Chief Minister MK Stalin in the run-up to the elections are somehow “concerted” to these raids.

Stalin had accused the AIADMK ministers of graft and had warned of action against them.

Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai said that these raids were political in nature (PTI Photo)

“Let’s wait for the charge sheet to be filed. Only then the truth will be known. Then we will react,” he said.

After the DMK-Congress alliance came to power the DVAC has carried out several raids at residences of AIADMK leaders.

On July 22, raids were conducted at the residence of ex-transport minister M R Vijayabasksar.

Recently, raids were carried out at the home of Velumani, AIADMK legislators from Thondamuthur, and his close relatives.

The DVAC on Thursday said that it had seized Rs 13 lakh in cash and documents such as land registration and fixed deposits to the tune of Rs.two crores after carrying out raids in over 60 locations.

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Velumani’s bank account was also frozen and an FIR was filed whish said that the legislator used his position during the AIADMK government to award projects to the companies of his relatives.

Acofridng to the FIR, Velumani awarded projects worth Rs 346.81 crore to companies owned by his relatives in Coimbatore Corporation and works estimated at Rs 464.02 crore in Greater Chennai Corporation during 2014-18.

Furthermore, Tamil Nadu Dairy Minister SM Nasar on July 5 had accused his predecessor KT Rajenthra Balaji, of taking 1.50 tonnes of sweets free from the state-run dairy milk producer ‘Aavin’.

State BJP president Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai said that the white paper released by the Tamil Nadu government on state finances in the AIADMK rule do not offer a full picture (PTI Photo)

Nasar said that the government was conducting an inquiry in the matter and appropriate actions will be taken according to the findings.

The state BJP also raised questions on the “white paper released by the Tamil Nadu government on state finances during the AIADMK government.

“Statistics can be reeled out by any consultant but officials and politicians differ from them as they have people’s welfare in mind. It lacks a vision statement on the way forward. Politicians should involve in welfare politics,” Annamalai said.